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To destroy a building in the most comically dramatic way, as in a Roland Emmerich film.
Dude, did you see that old high rise that they Emmeriched downtown?

That guy Emmeriched my sandcastle!
by HelotheHandsome November 21, 2009
1. A Northwest German city on the Rhine

2. A German surname
"I was on the Rhine and I went past Emmerich"
by GoHome64 April 28, 2010
Very very dark panamanian/jamaican/british loser. His feet smell bad. He breaks everything, especially beautiful necklaces. He has a ghetto booty and a pudgy stomach that's awesome to punch and pinch.
"I pulled an Emmerich today."
"Oh god, that's embarassing, I'm sorry."
by Adele May 26, 2004