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It should really be pronounced "LINE" and not "LEAN", Silly girls!

Emmaline is the kind of name for a unique twist and works best with pale dark haired girls.
Emmaline is so pale!!!
by Steve-O James September 10, 2009
A girl who is so misunderstood she has to take matters in to her own hands. one that like to have fun but doesn't like to drawl attention. The girl who is always center stage and get everything she wants
"man i wish i was an Emmaline"

"I cant believe that Emmaline is always center stage"
by Emmaline K. November 23, 2009
Emmaline is a girl that lights up your world. She is funny, charming- in her own unique way, sexy as fuck and is someone you will never want to lose.
Guy 1: "Do you see that girl over there, sculling that pint?"
Guy 2: "Yeah, she is such an Emmaline!"
Guy 1: "Get your own mate, she's gonna be mine"
by iamlightup November 13, 2013
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