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A really beautiful, confident girl who strives to succeed at everything. She's sometimes a goody-two-shoes, and excels in all subjects. Emma is pretty, sporty, really funny, and (occasionally) competitive. She likes summertime and loves to hang out with her friends. Although she's a really bold and sometimes quirky person, Emma is usually a perfectionist and she might be really hard on herself in private. She's a leader, not a follower, and everybody loves to be around her. She's usually friends with everyone, and hates to exclude others. Emma trusts people easily, and is pretty sensitive. She's empathetic, but often is too nice or naive.

She's also really pretty, although she's insecure about her looks sometimes. Almost every guy she knows is attracted to her. And she's HOT!
Girl 1: "I wish I was like that Emma!! Everyone just LOVES her!"

Girl 2: "I know, right! I can't believe how nice she is to everybody. I can just tell she's going to succeed in life."
by LoveAva April 26, 2013
A beautiful girl, inside, and out. She has a heart that is focused on God and she loves other people. The typical Emma has blonde hair and is downright sexyy. Boys fall all over her, even though she may not know it. She is learning how to be courageous throughout life as it goes on and God is helping her through it all. Boys would be so lucky to have her. She will never let you down. You can tell her a secret, and she won't tell it to anyone! Very trustworthy. Prays for others all the time. You would be so, so, so lucky to have an Emma in your life.
I LOVE going to church, to learn about God, and to see Emma.

DAYYUMM.. that must be an Emma. She is sooo hot.

I want to get with that Emma.

I wonder if that girl is single? and if her name is emma....
by ilovepeace October 25, 2012
Total awesome girl.
Dont you wish you were a Emma?

Yeah dude emmas are hot.
by foptopo April 10, 2011
Emma is a girl that is amazingly beautiful, has wonderful eyes, has a positive attitude on everything, has a great sense of humor but has an appropriate amount of seriousness, overall Emma's are wonderful girls... If you ever run across one just admire her beauty and thank her for that...
Dude #1: Man is that Emma?
Dude #2: Hell yeah!
Dude #1: Fuck man we should go thank her for her beautiful body...
Dude #2: Lets go!
by Watson/Jacob/Daruis April 23, 2013
The most beautiful, amazing, funniest girl I ever met. The type of girl who doesn't think she's pretty but is. Amazing personality and amazing person.
Emma was the nicest, prettiest and most amazing girl ever
by lifelivelove February 13, 2013
an uber pretty girl, normally with brown ish blonde hair, she is super hot all the guys are after her, normally has big tits, she is energetic amazing, and the best friend you could ever have, if you have a friend named emma you are the luckiest person ever, she is the most gorgeous person you will ever meat, and she normally likes cats
look at that emma girl dayumm shes smokin she is soo great and amazing
by kitty cat cat April 10, 2011
a hot beautiful blonde with a great personality and sense of humor also known as hot girl of the month, every month.
Wow your so Emma!
by Brad99000 July 25, 2008
Emma is a name for a girl who is smart and pretty. famous emma's include: Emma Stone, Emma Watson, Emma Roberts, Emma Thompson, Emma Willis, Emma Bowkletet, Emma samms, Emma Lazaurus.
Emma is so great.
by chinsdancing April 08, 2013