A really beautiful, confident girl who strives to succeed at everything. She's sometimes a goody-two-shoes, and excels in all subjects. Emma is pretty, sporty, really funny, and (occasionally) competitive. She likes summertime and loves to hang out with her friends. Although she's a really bold and sometimes quirky person, Emma is usually a perfectionist and she might be really hard on herself in private. She's a leader, not a follower, and everybody loves to be around her. She's usually friends with everyone, and hates to exclude others. Emma trusts people easily, and is pretty sensitive. She's empathetic, but often is too nice or naive.

She's also really pretty, although she's insecure about her looks sometimes. Almost every guy she knows is attracted to her. And she's HOT!
Girl 1: "I wish I was like that Emma!! Everyone just LOVES her!"

Girl 2: "I know, right! I can't believe how nice she is to everybody. I can just tell she's going to succeed in life."
by LoveAva April 26, 2013
eccentric, weird, and crazy. she will open new doors for you. she is insecure about almost everything, but she doesnt need to be. she is probably the most fun person you will ever meet in your entire life. you often question her sanity, but she's too entertaining for you to care.
Dude, emma just freaking mooned me...wtf?
by franklinroosevelt June 18, 2008
The sweetest most wholly beautifilled lady I have ever had the pleasure to know and love, I would do anything for her. She is a true white Knight filled with nothing but the purest light, a true delight! Words simply do not do justice when attempting to describe quite how fantastic Emma is.
As beautifull as emma
a real emma, such an inspiration
the best girl in the world
by Michael Mushrooms September 16, 2008
the name given to some of the most beautiful and smart and mature woman in the human race. Emma's are always very curvy and therefore every guy wants an Emma. Emma's can be much more mature then her age, but still loads of fun too. They try very hard in all of their work and looks and they always look a m illion dollars. Emma's are generally very happy people, but always have trouble with the love part of their lives. Emma's have a hard time finding 'the right guy'. This is mostly becuase so many boys of similar status are intimidated or overwhelmed by the beauty and perfectness of an Emma. Emma's are easily pleased and love the simple things. Most Emma's crave good body's on the oppisite sex. They are all fabulous kissers and love to have passionate sex all night long. They can be very sexy and romantic which is loved by all men!
Boy 1: holy crap!

Boy 2: yeah i know, look at that chick.

Boy 1: bet you its an Emma.

Boy 2: no way. it is for sure.

Boy 1: 'Hey babe, whats your name?

Emma: It's Emma. and yours?

Boy 1 and 2: who cares about us. More about you ayy.

Boy 1: (whispers) i've always wanted to be with an Emma.

Boy 2: (whispers back). Get in line!
by emma.s February 05, 2009
The most amazing, beautiful, fun to be around, and intelligent girl you will ever meet in your life. She is one of God's greatest gifts. She is goofy and funny in her own way, she loves all of her friends and they love her too. There's some thing different about her that no other girl has, this is one of the many qualities that makes her special <3
Guy 1: wow shes an emma
Guy 2: how do you know?
Guy 1: cause im in love with her
by urbandictionary123321123321123 December 11, 2010
Emma, the most beautiful person somebody could ever imagine. If you have in Emma in you life, be careful, hold onto her and don't let her go. You can talk to Emma's about anything and have the time of your life when your with her. She can be the perfect combination between sexy and cute when ever she wants to. She will probably be on your mind 24/7 when your not with her, and she has good reason to be.
-Hey, is that the new girl?
-Wow, she's beautiful.
-Yeah, reminds me of Emma.
by OkanoganAnonymous September 23, 2012
A really nice girl. Can be quiet, but when with her friends is a complete angel and a total goof :D
wow... i like her, shes so emma
by emsnl February 20, 2009
Translating to "Blood" in greek, emma is a common name in todays society. Generally, Emma's are found to be quite sexually active, and can be quite overwhelming at times.
1. " Whoa, the chick is so emma! she is really giving it to him!"

2. Emma wants george in the panties

by Aima March 29, 2008

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