Emma is a name for a girl who is smart and pretty. famous emma's include: Emma Stone, Emma Watson, Emma Roberts, Emma Thompson, Emma Willis, Emma Bowkletet, Emma samms, Emma Lazaurus.
Emma is so great.
by chinsdancing April 08, 2013
A dirty little orange.
Emma's a dirty little orange
by Kristin (the asian lover) November 06, 2008
The Swedish slang for a cavity. (Mostly formed after large consumptions of Lucky Charms)

A rare narcotic that treats forms of boredom, depression and bad days. Rivals Mulled Wine in it's potency.
"Sit down now! I'm going to touch your Emma!"

"..I'm not playin man. GIVE ME MY EMMA!!!"
by sploo April 24, 2009
A really nasty whore. She is the biggest cheater of all time and a heart breaker. She's a liar, too.
Girl1: That girl is so nasty. And she's such a slut!

Girl2: No duh, she's an Emma.
by arb668 April 23, 2010
Used to describe the large size of a females breats
"F*ck man, look at that chicks boobs they are so Emma"
by MissyJane February 05, 2008
A Gorilla originating from the Congo. Famous for it's furry nipples, the "Rancid Gorilla" is an exotic species only available to some fortunate children in Canada.
I'm going to Emma's house today. NO DON'T GO IT'S A ZOO!!!
by GorillaPoacher589 April 06, 2009
Emma; from the Finnish word meaning Mrs. Valo

Emma was a British gypsy that made clocks in the early 1900s. She was married to a Finnish man. He was a very handsome man who's name was special. It was Ville Hermanni Valo, meaning William Herman Light.

The word Emma also means tower; from the German word, emarr (castle)

Hello, my name is Emma
-Hello, my name is Mrs. Valo

By using the name Emma, people knew who was married, and who was not.

I am stuck in an emma, help!
-I am stuck in a tower, help!
by Emm (With a silent a) February 20, 2009
A horrible novel by author Jane Austen, used as a weapon by English teachers to inflict intense pain and boredom upon any classes they may not like. Very dull, irrelavent and uninteresting, and a textbook example of what's wrong with the education system's choices for student reading today.
"Oh man, I've gotta plough through Emma if I want to pass English, even though it ranks in top 3 worst books of all time"
by zzz573 March 07, 2008

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