Emma is a name for a girl who is smart and pretty. famous emma's include: Emma Stone, Emma Watson, Emma Roberts, Emma Thompson, Emma Willis, Emma Bowkletet, Emma samms, Emma Lazaurus.
Emma is so great.
by chinsdancing April 08, 2013
bit of a slut at times. she enjoys getting PRU and is aggressive. she likes to flirt with boys, lead them on and then change her mind. what a hoe.
friend: woah whos that girl
friend 2: dude! thats an emma, don't go near her.
by JohnBishop2k11 August 18, 2011
emma is a smelly bumfluff, who likes licking bothole for a living
emma: i love bumfluff
by willywonkaandhisumpalumpas March 30, 2011
AN annoying mother fucking slut face that lives on the east coast & has no friends. She thinks shes the shit but shes really not. She thinks she has a hot body & can get all the guys, when in reality, they think shes the grossest oerson ever. She is hated by many and tries to be a whore. Plus, she looks like a horse.. & her makeup makes her look like she was gangbanged by crayola
Man dude, i hate her. she's such an emma.
Ew, who's that slut bride that i wanna kill? oh, it's emma
by whatevzmayun December 03, 2011
a ginger slag that is described as emma, this girl is not the sharpest tool in the box and needs ALOT of help. this girl can be seen in a mental home in the next five years, you can't miss her ginger locks and the amazing friends she hangs around with
'omg look at that slag, shes ginger aswell she must be an emma!'
by fanofgingers.com123 October 13, 2011
A colloquial term for a rapist or one who often forces themselves upon others. An 'emma' often prefers schoolgirls in uniform.
Stop being such an Emma, I feel unsafe when you're around
by E.lf August 16, 2011
Emma: a ridiculously annoying snob who is the definition of a social climber. A bitch who drools over upperclassmen and people of higher social statuses. a very experienced attention whore who is shallow and unable to like people for who they really are. She does nothing but use people to get invited to parties and become more popular. in other words, She's a self centered wannabe who strives for attention.
Girl #1: that girl, she tries so hard to be friends with upperclassmen...

Girl #2: she must be an Emma
by aquaderp29 August 29, 2011
by JayBeeBeatch November 06, 2010

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