The greatest rapper alive. has more complex rhymes than any other emcee. dominated underground detroit rap.
and he aint no gangsta neva said he was
THE GREATEST RAPPER ALIVE... only biggie n pac are better
by byron williams February 26, 2005
Only white rapper from Detroit. He has three daughters and raps about the shit that happened in his ghetto life. Want to know about him, watch "8 Mile".
Guy 1: Yo, I just purchased a new song from Snoop Dogg man!
Guy 2: Nah, I'm tired of hearing the same black people rapping all the time man. Lets listen to Eminem cuz he is the rapper better than those black ones.
by AdomC March 07, 2015
Eminem is one of the most successful rappers. While most people hate him because he "thinks he's black" or something like that, when he himself said "I try not to look at it that way. Being white. I don't wake up every day and look in the mirror, 'Oh. I'm white'." He reacts to haters either not at all or drastically. He's a wonderful rapper, a great actor, and a "Doesn't give f*ck" personality. A lot of his fans (including myself) have the same personality. While others still worship and act like Slim Shady, his evil alter ego. He said himself Slim Shady is not a person, but all his evil, nasty, pervy thoughts.

So really, these three words just sum it all up: EMINEM. F*CKING. RULES.
Hater: "Zomg Eminem is such a poser all trying to be black, bwaaaaaaaaaaaah."

Eminem Fan: "....... F*ck off."
by Eminem's Biggest Fan and Wife October 06, 2011
A brilliant rapper with a pretty bad background. Not the kind of guy your mum would want you to bring home. But he is white ruling a balck industry. And never uses the word 'nigga'
Justin Bieber: I had such a hard life growing up with divorced parents
Eminem: That's cute
by Pob09 July 21, 2013
A famous white MC who is notorious for his offensive lyrics and vulgarity.

He's probably the most technically skilled MC of all time. His mult-syllabic rhymes, internal rhyming, and vocabulary is superior to nearly everyone in the game, despite the fact that most Hip Hop heads will try to tell you that underground MC's own him (they wouldn't). They obviously haven't heard the "Infinite" album, which is likely the best album I've heard from ANY MC.

The tracks on "Infinite" are perfect examples of why Eminem is the most skilled MC of all time.

One of his best songs is "Infinite" (first track on the album), and for this example I'll be discussing the second verse.

Notice how he is able to weave a particular vowel sound throughout an entire line (example: "One thought in my cerebral is deeper than a jeep full of people"), and how he can make so many words rhyme (example: "I spoil loyal fans/ I foil plans and leave fluids leaking like oil pans/ My coiled hands/"), rather than just making sure the words and the end of the line rhyme, like most MC's do.

Another example of his lyrical talent is from "Tonight", also on Infinite:

"We travel in packs and ravel in facts and gravel in cracks

To find babbling Max, gaffling tracks

I grapple an axe for them baffling acts

The mysterious stab in the backs who dabble in wax"

He starts off with "we travel in packs" and then makes nearly everything else he says rhyme with that (grapple an axe, stab in the backs, ravel in facts, etc).
Keep in mind that I could give you hundreds of genius lines from him, but I only get to use 1500 characters.

Eminem is top 5 of all time.

Some great songs from him: Infinite, Tonight, 313, Biterphobia, Open Mic, Jealousy Woes II, It's Ok, Role Model, Rock Bottom, Microphone freestyle, Rhymin Wordz freestyle, etc.
by BadMeetsEvil April 15, 2013
One of the best rappers ever will be known for centuries. He raps about real issues his life in 8 Mile and his drug overdose. And most recently the fastest rapper ever.
Eminem is the faster rapper ever.
by MaDawgTT February 06, 2015
The one and only Rap God
All Hail Eminem, father of our rap savior, Kendrick Lamar.
by Marshall Matters November 09, 2013

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