A great rapper who needs anger management
Eminems song called Kill You

"Chorus: Eminem

Bitch I'ma kill you! You don't wanna fuck with me
Girls neither - you ain't nuttin but a slut to me
Bitch I'ma kill you! You ain't got the balls to beef
We ain't gon' never stop beefin I don't squash the beef
You better kill me! I'ma be another rapper dead
for poppin off at the mouth with shit I shouldn'ta said
But when they kill me - I'm bringin the world with me
Bitches too! You ain't nuttin but a girl to me
.. I said you don't, wanna fuck with Shady (cause why?)
Cause Shady, will fuckin kill you (ah-haha)
I said you don't, wanna fuck with Shady (why?)
Cause Shady, will fuckin kill you..
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by Quenetteo September 25, 2005
Only white rapper from Detroit. He has three daughters and raps about the shit that happened in his ghetto life. Want to know about him, watch "8 Mile".
Guy 1: Yo, I just purchased a new song from Snoop Dogg man!
Guy 2: Nah, I'm tired of hearing the same black people rapping all the time man. Lets listen to Eminem cuz he is the rapper better than those black ones.
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by AdomC March 07, 2015
a lyrical animal that can ingest hate and turn into classic hits like criminal, i'm back, just don't give a fuck, stan, marshall mathers, amityville, if i had
eminem at his best
just dont give a fuck:
You wacker than the motherfucker you bit your style from
You ain't go' sell two copies if you press a double album.

still dont give a fuck:
I walked into a gunfight with a knife to kill you
Cut you so fast
When your blood spilled it was still blue
I'll hang you 'til you dangle
And chain you at both ankles
And pull you apart from both angles
I wanna crush your skull
'til your brains leak out of your veins
And bust open like broken water mains.

Criminal: My words are like a dagger with a jagged edge
That'll stab you in the head
whether you're a fag or lez
Or the homosex, hermaph or a trans-a-vest
Pants or dress - hate fags? The answer's "yes"
Homophobic? Nah, you're just heterophobic
Starin at my jeans, watchin my genitals bulgin (Ooh!)
That's my motherfuckin balls, you'd better let go of em
They belong in my scrotum, you'll never get hold of em
..later into the track..
Windows tinted on my ride when I drive in it
So when I rob a bank, run out and just dive in it
So I'll be disguised in it
And if anybody identifies the guy in it
I'll hide for five minutes
Come back, shoot the eyewitness
Then fire at the private eye hired to pry in my business
Die bitches, bastards, brats, pets!
This puppy's lucky I didn't blast his ass yet
If I ever gave a fuck, I'd shave my nuts
Tuck my dick in between my legs and cluck
You motherfuckin chickens ain't brave enough
To say the stuff I say, so just tape is shut
Shit, half the shit I say, I just make it up
To make you mad so kiss my white naked ass
And if it's not a rapper that I make it as
I'ma be a fuckin rapist in a Jason mask

#infinite #slim shady lp #marshall mathers lp #eminem show #d12
by yask87 September 06, 2008
Probably the worlds greatest rapper. With 2 diamond albums as of March 2011 and 5 rolling stone magazines with him on the cover. His studio albums include The Slim Shady LP, The Marshall Mathers LP, The Eminem Show, Encore, Relapse, and Recovery. You have to live under a rock to not know Eminem.
Eminem is the most succesful rapper out there
#slim shady #marshall mathers #dr. dre #50 cent #8 mile
by lala3791 March 16, 2011
Possibly the greatest rapper of all time and is credited enough for his work.
Although many regard 2pac as the best Eminem set the record for most album sales in a week with Marshall Mathers LP.

Although Eminem can be childish and use basic rhymes in his recent albums. Encore (5/10) and Relapse (7/10) his first three albums define Eminem as a rap legend. Slim Shady LP was the classic with crazy rhymes such as "Role Model":

I came to the club drunk with a fake ID
Don't you wanna grow up to be just like me!
I've been with 10 women who got HIV
Now don't you wanna grow up to be just like me!
(Role Model)

Then after Slim Shady LP came Marshall Mathers LP the greatest. This was his most successful album and most controversial for its homophobic comments:

My words are like a dagger with a jagged edge
That'll stab you in the head
whether you're a fag or lez
Or the homosex, hermaph or a trans-a-vest
Pants or dress - hate fags? The answer's "yes"

Eminem Show didn't match the success of the Marshall Mathers LP but it was another top album from Slim Shady. It was the best selling album in 2002. It had 2 top 10 songs and 4 top 15's. Superman manage to reach the U.S. top 10 without a music video counterpart. It cut out the homophobic comments however still had strong relations to sex. Drips was completely removed off the clean version of the album:

willin' to stick out my neck, for respect if it meant life or death,
never live to regret what I said,
when you're me, people just want to see,
if it's true, if it's you, what you say in your rap's, what you do

Encore was Eminem's 4th studio album and was criticised for its childish humour. Many songs lack lyrical talent and include fart noises. Mainstream the album worked well but for the hardcore fans who were used to the crazy Slim Shady it was a dissapointment:

You find me offensive, I find you offensive
Shit, this is the same verse I just did this
When am I gonna come to my good senses?
Probably the day Bush comes to my defenses


After 5 years without releasing an album Eminem released a 5th studio album Relapse. Although Eminem still has some childish lyrics to boost his mainstream image in such songs as "Bagpies from Baghdad" and "We made you" this album was a success. Crack a bottle and We made you made it into the top ten. The album has glimpse of the classic Shady. Beatiful, De Ja Vu, Medicine Ball and Underground show you what Eminem is, a lyrical genius:

'm just so fuckin' depressed
I just can seem to get out this slump
If I could just get over this hump
But I need something to pull me out this dump
I took my bruises, took my lumps
Fell down and I got right back up
But I need that spark to get psyched back up
In order for me to pick that mic back up

Relapse 2 comes out in late 2009. Whether it is a success or not Eminem will always be one of the greatest rappers to grace the planet.

Unlike rappets like Lil Wayne and Akon, Eminem's words have a meaning and msot of his songs aren't similar to something that could be made up by a ten year old.

I have left a final quote from "Be careful what you wish for" from a deluxe version of Relapse which I possess. This includes Eminem's on thoughts on his albums.

Every CD critics gave it a 3, then 3
Years later, they'd go back and re-rate it
And call the Slim Shady LP the greatest
The Marshall Mathers was a classic
The Eminem Show was fantastic
But Encore just didn't have the caliber to match it
I guess enough time just ain't passed, yet
A couple more years, that shit'll be ill-matic
And eight years later, I'm still at it
Divorce, re-married
A felon
A father
Sleeping pill addict

(Be careful what you wish for)
Man: Who's the greatest rapper of all time?
Man 2: Eminem.
#eminem #slim shady #relapse #marshall mathers #shady lp #shady #encore #greatest rapper.
by Sl1M Shady 3M1N3M June 30, 2009
The BEST rapper ever all those others don't come close!
"Eminem is so awesome!"
by Spice March 06, 2005
#marshall bruce mathers #rapper #hip hop #recovery #pro
by IDidYourMum December 29, 2010
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