1.stupid wigger who raps about smoking weed, cutting him self and the sort. then 3 days later he says he was kidding and that you should go to school and be a good boy

2.an ICP hater

3.some "rapper" that a lot of twelve year old girls like

4. Dr.dre's lover
Eminem fan:yo, yo ,yo yiggity yo son you like ICP what up wid dat dog!!!!!!

by Jugalo_nirvanfan1542 January 07, 2008
Shock artist, half decent poet, yappy 15 year old school yard voice, based his entire career on taking the piss out of other people to the point where he collapsed in on himself and said 'I'm not sure where my career is going right now'. Could have burped and farted on every record from the start but not be seen as a joke cos he had the credibility of Dr. Dre backing him. Corporate sponsored (nike, slave labour) trailer trash.
Person 1: Eminem is the second biggest joke of all time after 50 cent
Person 2: Yeah but I can relate to him cos he's white and raps and I always wanted to rap but thought you had to be black. Also my parents split, my girlfriends a nutbar, I did E once and have a symmetrical, marketable, face.
Person 1: If you get shot 9 times you'll be as big as eminem and 50 cent combined, 20x platinum, rollin on 20's, bling bling, here you go, by another bouncing car!
Person 2: No, eminem isn't about bling or cars, he's about white t-shirts and multi billion dollar houses.
by King Abdulla Of Syria September 23, 2006
A rapper with interesting lyrics, who raps about life experience. Also known for being the ''white rapper''.

White people defend him by saying how his album outsold every black artist's album. but if they used common sense, white people are the majority, correct? so that means that it would sell more than say, DMX's album because whites are always the majority.

But black people love him too...
maybe i should bleach my skin white like eminem and sell millions of cds because of the overwhelming white population
by fire the clock August 24, 2006
A white guy who is a successful rapper. Lots of people don't like him, but a lot of people do. Most people on here are jealous because of his fame, and money.
by nicole<33 August 12, 2005
No doubt one of the greatest rappers ever. People think hes trash because hes white but listen to his songs. Hes not like these black rappers (not racist) that sing about drugs and money. Since hes white of course he has to actually rap real music! Modern rappers just talk slow and have NO SKILL! Just because they can hold their crotch and say swag in every sentance dosnt meen there good.
bob: Did u hear that new eminem song?

Typical white person: NOOO he sucks hes garbage! Chris brown ftw!
by MuffinGarbage October 23, 2009
definately irony. a wigger who made a racist song. his black girlfriend left him for a black guy during his younger vanilla ice stage, and he couldnt fight the guy, so being the studio gangster he is, he just made a song about black people. eminem sucks. he gets fucked in the ass by dr. dre, who's a crossdresser see eazy e's 187'um album booklet. dr. dre is also the definition of a studiogangster, the term was made especially for him by the realest label in history, ruthless. consisting of eazy e, gangsta dresta, bg knocc out (who's in prison for a shooting) and the greatest group ever, bone thugs n harmony. eminem was beat up by another white rapper named cage outside of a new york radio station. and it was recorded and put on the news (how embarassing). he was arrested for a publicity stunt where he pulled an unloaded gun on somebody, and his hands were shaking so bad he dropped it. his fuck buddy proof was recently shot for trying to be hard too.
eminem is as much of a clown as dr. dre.

only rich white kids take eminem seriously.

eminem and the rest of aftermath is nothing but studio/mtv/fairytell gangsters.

eminem used to cut his hair like vanilla ice.

if you want real music check out bone thugs n harmony, they're true to what they rap about, and sold over 30 million through talent, and not playing on their race.

"niggas straight kill me, knowin that they prankstaz/ this is goin out to ya studio gangsters"-gangsta dresta
by the sawed off gangsta May 29, 2006
The Hottest fucking rapper alive
OMG did you see Eminem in his video ASS like that? he is soo hott
by parosnsm June 21, 2005

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