The white rapper who dominates the rap industry (although rap is predominently black trying not to be racist )

He has sold millions of albums, featuring rappers such as obie trice, 50 cent, dr. dre, etc.
Guy 1: dude you want an eminem (m&m) ?
Guy 2: yeah, i love his album relapse.
Guy 2: sigh
by weerd2normal June 01, 2009
Eminem is the best rapper alive ! he will be number 1 for ever. His rapping is inspirational. Rap is fucking way better than that screamo emo shit.

Eminem all the mother fucking way !
Eminem voted best rapper alive !
by joileyjsese May 19, 2009
A patchetic rapper who has no skills except rapping about beating and raping women.He would have NEVER got started if he wouldnt have fucked dr dre and got started off that.
He is stupid and his skills get worse and worse everytime he raps
xD honestly i HATE slim anus.
Eminem is the gayest rapper alive dude
by Amber Christine J June 18, 2008
Otherwise known as the tabloid rapper! He takes issues that are already blown out of proportion like scantly clad Pop singers like Britney & Christina as well as George Bush and Michael Jackson and exploits the negative energy to his advantage. A real man can stop the momentum of non-objective opinions, but Eminem chooses to go with the wave of judgement in turn making it even bigger. Problems don't go away by making them bigger Eminem, then again it's not about solving them, it's more about making the wallet bigger by causing controversy.
Eminem exploits anything that he knows will make him look cool including the mother of his child to the public.
by The Piper October 29, 2006
A guy who knows what he is talking about and is completely right about the America Society and how incredebly rude they are. Gets sick to his stomach about the past 2 presidents. Does not appreciate Muggalofo's. If you fall, he's got the slack and really knows how to give it back.
Eminem is on top.
by kudosverify October 24, 2009
Eminem is a famous rapper who has been rapper for proubly 10 year And He shows up any rapper out there....
Eminem is all so know by Slim Shady and his real name is Marshal mathers
by joe bean January 03, 2006
the dopest rapper to hit the scene since nwa.
eminem is the dopest rapper to hit the scene since nwa.
by whiteboy6000 March 28, 2005

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