This is the biggest white rapper in all of history. Eminem, he is also known as Slim Shady but his real name is Marshall Mathers.

The name Eminem was derived from the initial letters of the rapper's first and last name, Marshall Mathers (M and M).

Using 'M and M' he then spelled this out as you would pronounce it, which is Eminem.
I went to see Eminem in concert, it was shit hot!
by MestUp-RiotGirl May 24, 2005
Just like his website says there is no body iller than he is.But you do have to give him the credit that he deserves growing up form nothing then becoming the best white rapper out in this rap game.if you don't give this man the props he deserves then there is something majorly wrong with your head.Of course this guy has a lot of anger problems from his childhood but as long as he isn't shooting up other people let him cuss and curse all he wants to.You probably would to if you were raised the way he was.Eminem has been given grammies and other awards and you know what i don't see you all up there making it big with him or without him so if you have a problem with him just remember you're still on the couch watching the grammies while he's going on stage.
There is no one iller than he is
by Mrs. Slim Shady May 22, 2005
Eminem was a Very talented Rapper, but it ended up selling his sould to illuminati, or to music industry just as Jay-Z , Fat Joe , Mobb Deep etc. And currently being completely under control. Forced to make music with FUCKIN' RIHANNAH.
At first eminem was like Fuck you fake rappers and then was like
by haxb0x May 19, 2011
White rapper that became the golden standard in rap. Artist of the decade 2000-2009: has sold over 75,000,000 albums. New album "Recovery" expected to be his true comeback to rap. 'Recovery' in stores June 22, 2010
Eminem's verse in song:
<insert perfect word flow here>
by davilan May 24, 2010
The white rapper who dominates the rap industry (although rap is predominently black trying not to be racist )

He has sold millions of albums, featuring rappers such as obie trice, 50 cent, dr. dre, etc.
Guy 1: dude you want an eminem (m&m) ?
Guy 2: yeah, i love his album relapse.
Guy 2: sigh
by weerd2normal June 01, 2009
Eminem is the best rapper alive ! he will be number 1 for ever. His rapping is inspirational. Rap is fucking way better than that screamo emo shit.

Eminem all the mother fucking way !
Eminem voted best rapper alive !
by joileyjsese May 19, 2009
A patchetic rapper who has no skills except rapping about beating and raping women.He would have NEVER got started if he wouldnt have fucked dr dre and got started off that.
He is stupid and his skills get worse and worse everytime he raps
xD honestly i HATE slim anus.
Eminem is the gayest rapper alive dude
by Amber Christine J June 18, 2008

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