The worlds greatest white rapper. Selling more than a hundred million records with his controversal lyrics. Eminem has taken the world and music world by storm.
Slim shady lp
Marshall Mathers lp
Eminem show
by Dave Nolan May 11, 2005
A decent rapper,that white people overrate the fuck out of.

Gets more credit than he deserves,simply because he's white.
While many much more talented lyricists go unappreciated,because their eyes aren't blue.
Eminem:Let's do the math, if I was black, I would've sold half, I
Ain't have to graduate from Lincoln high school to know that.
by Man-child April 01, 2007
One of the best rappers of all time, he doesnt rap about anythin like the others he raps about his life and stuff like that (he uses bits of his memorys and puts them into a song) eminem has sold millions of records (with his latest being relapse and soon to be relapse 2) he aint no wigger its not just people who are black that can rap!!!
Eminem has also married and devoirced his wife alot of times.
Kim - wife
Hailie - daughter

Alaina - adopted daughter

Eminem was very upset when proof died because they had known each other for a long time, and they were also in the a group together with some other people which is called d12
he was also very upset when ronnie died (commeted suiscide), he spent a lot of time with ronnie and ronnie was like the only family marshall had, ronnie also introduced marshall into the hip-hop world

In most of eminems songs it does include Hailie and Kim in a lot of them e.g -

Hailies song
'97 bonnie & clyde
"I look at Hailie and i couldn't picture leaving her side, even if i hated kim, i grit my teeth and id try, to make things work at least for hailies sake, i maybe made song mistakes but im only human but im man enough to face them today. what i did was stupid no doubt it was dumb but the smartest shit was take the bullets outta that gun cuz ida killed him shit i woulda shot kim and them both its my life id like welcome ya'll to the eminem show" - Lyrics from cleaning out my closet
by mental nutcase July 06, 2009
This is the biggest white rapper in all of history. Eminem, he is also known as Slim Shady but his real name is Marshall Mathers.

The name Eminem was derived from the initial letters of the rapper's first and last name, Marshall Mathers (M and M).

Using 'M and M' he then spelled this out as you would pronounce it, which is Eminem.
I went to see Eminem in concert, it was shit hot!
by MestUp-RiotGirl May 24, 2005
Just like his website says there is no body iller than he is.But you do have to give him the credit that he deserves growing up form nothing then becoming the best white rapper out in this rap game.if you don't give this man the props he deserves then there is something majorly wrong with your head.Of course this guy has a lot of anger problems from his childhood but as long as he isn't shooting up other people let him cuss and curse all he wants to.You probably would to if you were raised the way he was.Eminem has been given grammies and other awards and you know what i don't see you all up there making it big with him or without him so if you have a problem with him just remember you're still on the couch watching the grammies while he's going on stage.
There is no one iller than he is
by Mrs. Slim Shady May 22, 2005
Eminem was a Very talented Rapper, but it ended up selling his sould to illuminati, or to music industry just as Jay-Z , Fat Joe , Mobb Deep etc. And currently being completely under control. Forced to make music with FUCKIN' RIHANNAH.
At first eminem was like Fuck you fake rappers and then was like
by haxb0x May 19, 2011
White rapper that became the golden standard in rap. Artist of the decade 2000-2009: has sold over 75,000,000 albums. New album "Recovery" expected to be his true comeback to rap. 'Recovery' in stores June 22, 2010
Eminem's verse in song:
<insert perfect word flow here>
by davilan May 24, 2010

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