A rapper who had skills back in the days.(Infinite, slim shady lp, marshal mathers lp) but he fell off with the eminem show. Eminem is listened to white people who have no idea what rap is, people who just listen to eminem and think he is the greatest MC(which he is definatly not).
Eminem is not the greatest, niether is 50. You all need to listen to real rap.
by ill wil May 25, 2005
Eminem is a fuckin wanker honky bitch. Thinks he is "the biggest rapper there ever was". Thinks he's a real rapper cause his music videos and what he says and raps about are controversial.
Karen loves Eminem. She used to love nsync, backstreet boys, westlife and shitty thai pop.
by MeMZB May 13, 2005
The only white guy who can say nigga without being mugged.
Eminem: Hey whats up nigga?
Guy: Holy shit! Eminem!
White Guy: Hey whats up nigga?
Guy: Motha fuck you.
by the poster of this word August 24, 2009
the elvis of rap. i mean a white dude that was marketed as the greatest rapper of all times just because he is a white guy in a black industry. retard trl kids like his crap because their ideas are very close to his. like, ahhh... i hate my parents, i'm crazy, i just want to be myself, blah, blah, blah....
dr. dre fucked up big time now.... eminem? c'mon, man. this way, barney, the fucking dinosaur is gonna start rapping some day.
by tarpera1@yahoo.com.br March 31, 2007
Biggest mother fucking dip shit in the music industry. This piece of shit can't rap to save his bitch ass. He wishes he could be one thousandth as talented as the greatest Horrorcore group of all time Insane Clown Posse. The only way his ass could have became famous is if he let Dr. Dre, who is not talented either, let him fuck him in the ass.
Damn, Eminem is such a bitch.
by JuggaloWhoopWhoop! March 18, 2011
a white guy who can actually rap.
eminem is awesome
by wsedrftgyhujkl.; August 10, 2010
Read The Way I Am and you'll find out everything about Eminem except for fairly recent events.Eminem's real name is Marshell Bruse Mathers III he's as known as Slim Shady. He was in a band named D12 and started rapping at the age of 14 but he didnt become a serious rapper untill later. His best friend is Proof who sadly died and his ex-wife's name's Kim; he also has 2 daugthers. Eminem is a god to me and is the best artist ever! His music is so good it shouldn't even be in the category music!
Eminem is a rapper.
by kittycatxoxo July 05, 2010
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