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The only white guy who can say nigga without being mugged.
Eminem: Hey whats up nigga?
Guy: Holy shit! Eminem!
White Guy: Hey whats up nigga?
Guy: Motha fuck you.
by the poster of this word August 24, 2009
34 56
Great rapper but misunderstood, hes not a wigger, not a wankster, just a rapper. Greatest rapper today, hes up there with 2pac and biggie, and all the other rap legends like immortal technique, nas, rakim, jay-z, and ll cool j (plus all of those respect him, immortal technique sampled and 2 eminem songs, nas said he killed jay-z on his own shit, rakim spoke on him and said it doesnt matter what color he is and said he was nasty (In other words good), jay-z featured him and eminem also produced a song for him called moment of clarity, i dont know about ll cool j though.) If it werent for eminem, 50 cent wouldnt be here, cashis wouldnt be here, stat quo wouldnt be here, and obie trice wouldnt be here. So Eminem is not a wigger, or wankster, if you want a wigger/wankster, see Vanilla Ice or Paul Wall. Most of his haters have only heard one of his songs like We Made You, or 3AM.
*My idiot friend walks in*

My idiot friend: Wats up?

Me: Listenin to eminem.

My idiot friend: Ewww, hes such a wigger.

Me: First off dumbass, he never once said he was a gangster, and what songs have you heard from him?

My idiot friend: We Made You.

Me: Exactly, I knew it, you have only heard that song, thats his worst song, go listen to his older stuff.

My idiot friend: Ewww no hes a wigger.

Me: You are such a dumbass fuck, if you want a wigger go look at vanilla ice, or paul wall.

My idiot friend: Ok I'll go listen to him now that you hurt my feelings...

*My idiot friend listens to eminem's song Like Toy Soldiers.*

My idiot friend: You're right he is good.

Me: What did I tell you?
by Hell yes!!!!! July 23, 2009
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the elvis of rap. i mean a white dude that was marketed as the greatest rapper of all times just because he is a white guy in a black industry. retard trl kids like his crap because their ideas are very close to his. like, ahhh... i hate my parents, i'm crazy, i just want to be myself, blah, blah, blah....
dr. dre fucked up big time now.... eminem? c'mon, man. this way, barney, the fucking dinosaur is gonna start rapping some day.
by tarpera1@yahoo.com.br March 31, 2007
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Typical Emenim:
"I hate life!!
That's why I rapped about your wife!!
That's why I can rap about hate!
And complain about my screwed up fate!!
F**k you all, who listen to me, because I'm drunk and I've got to, like, totally pee.
I can rap so damn good!
And my fakeass attitude makes me sound like I should!
If I wanna be accepted by blacks from da hood!
Maybe I oughta get with Dre and grovel!
Like an old lady that hobbles!"
Typical dumb crowd:
(Repeating Eminem lyrics, thereby insulting themselves.)
Typical Eminem haters:
(Keeping silent, since EMINEM insults his fans enough, anyway.)
by XDigitalMajiX December 26, 2005
62 84
Read The Way I Am and you'll find out everything about Eminem except for fairly recent events.Eminem's real name is Marshell Bruse Mathers III he's as known as Slim Shady. He was in a band named D12 and started rapping at the age of 14 but he didnt become a serious rapper untill later. His best friend is Proof who sadly died and his ex-wife's name's Kim; he also has 2 daugthers. Eminem is a god to me and is the best artist ever! His music is so good it shouldn't even be in the category music!
Eminem is a rapper.
by kittycatxoxo July 05, 2010
17 40
a rapper that wishes he was as tight as Canibus
man u see eminem he got sliced up by Canibus
by Sinzzah May 27, 2005
34 57
eminem rules, his a good raper, his just had a hard childhood and that and for you self sentered, but kissin backstabin lozers that dont like him whatch ya back cuz im cumin after you motherfukers
Eminem rules. he is a loving father and a fantastic rapper!!!
by nikkie March 17, 2005
297 320