A rapper who had skills back in the days.(Infinite, slim shady lp, marshal mathers lp) but he fell off with the eminem show. Eminem is listened to white people who have no idea what rap is, people who just listen to eminem and think he is the greatest MC(which he is definatly not).
Eminem is not the greatest, niether is 50. You all need to listen to real rap.
by ill wil May 25, 2005
Eminem is a fuckin wanker honky bitch. Thinks he is "the biggest rapper there ever was". Thinks he's a real rapper cause his music videos and what he says and raps about are controversial.
Karen loves Eminem. She used to love nsync, backstreet boys, westlife and shitty thai pop.
by MeMZB May 13, 2005
The only white guy who can say nigga without being mugged.
Eminem: Hey whats up nigga?
Guy: Holy shit! Eminem!
White Guy: Hey whats up nigga?
Guy: Motha fuck you.
by the poster of this word August 24, 2009
A sellout white rapper.

Like most sell-outs he has a gimmick. Slim Shady. He pulls the blinds over his fans by claiming that he goes against the grain of corporate media. In fact, he does the exact opposite. He was on TRL. He was on EM Tv. He has mountains of cash. Yet, he still goes on album, after album to tell us how hard he has it. He realized that by telling us, its all a joke, or its from the heart or he doesn't mean what he says... teenagers will immediately accept him. Most, young white suburbanites got their introduction into hip hop through eminem. Most of them claim to be hip hop heads, because they listened to him and like him.

Unfortunately, those who grew up through the golden era can see right through him. You see a long time ago, there was a man named Vanilla Ice. He claimed to be hardcore ond from the street. He also got hooked on drugs. As a result, people found he was fake and told him to f-off.

Like Vanilla Ice, Eminem raps about and says things he would never do. In his entire career he has never fought anyone or murdered anybody. In fact, he has never broken a nail. He has abused his parents enough, but claims to like them. He solves his problems by exploiting others for the fast cash, but would never diss a credible MC. And, contrary to what people believe, he is not psycho or insane. He is very normal and a good business man. He criticizes his label and talks about how miserable he is. Yet, he is shaking hands with everyone that hurt hip hop. I mean all the coporate c*ck suckers of today.

He claims to accept the title of best rapper alive. Yet, all of his albums have not scored higher than 80 on Metacric. A majority of his albums are actually below 70. Essentially, his highest ranking album never even matched the best albums of other rappers.

What does eminem think of all this? Well, judging by his last MV, where he insults micheal jackson and other celebrities. Not much...

Whatever magic eminem had... People question if it was really magic or a giant corporate scheme. He claimed not to be played on MTV and the radio. Yet, the most highly played artists in rotation... I guess the joke is on us...

Eminem has sold out. But, he is great, because he is one of the most successful sellouts in hip hop history. As someone who grew up in the golden era, I would be safe to say that this guy would have been torn to shreds in the past.
My mom, there's no one else quite like my mom.

I know I should let bygones be bygones,

but she's the reason why I am high on what I'm high on.
- Eminem... a millionaire... at age 36 on relapse
by The Real Ghostface Killah June 01, 2009
Typical Emenim:
"I hate life!!
That's why I rapped about your wife!!
That's why I can rap about hate!
And complain about my screwed up fate!!
F**k you all, who listen to me, because I'm drunk and I've got to, like, totally pee.
I can rap so damn good!
And my fakeass attitude makes me sound like I should!
If I wanna be accepted by blacks from da hood!
Maybe I oughta get with Dre and grovel!
Like an old lady that hobbles!"
Typical dumb crowd:
(Repeating Eminem lyrics, thereby insulting themselves.)
Typical Eminem haters:
(Keeping silent, since EMINEM insults his fans enough, anyway.)
by XDigitalMajiX December 26, 2005
A wannabe gangster that sings a load of bullshit.
I love this eminem, rap rules.

No, rap is talentless shit. (I predict a lot of thumbs downs. You know i'm right though, whether you like it or not.
by metalmotherfucker May 30, 2005
a white guy who can actually rap.
eminem is awesome
by wsedrftgyhujkl.; August 10, 2010

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