An idiot Rapper from Detriot, Michigan. Also known by real name Marshall Mathers, or his unfunny unintelligent dumb alter-ego "Slim Shady". He is the one that started the whole annoying "wigger" trend back in 1999, and music in general has gone down hill ever since.
white boy Mike: Heeeey, lets all dye our hair blond, wear hoodies and talk like a ghetto black dude, that way we can be be considered tough cool guys like Eminem!!!
Mikes white friends: Awwww, that'd be awesome, we'd get so many chicks, mannn, lets do it. Hey, I know, lets drop out of school too, and do drugs, and bust some rhymes ourselves. We can be just like Slim Shady!!
by Metalhead83 November 16, 2011
A famous rapper who's parents bought him nice clothes and gave him lunch money when he was a kid growing up. So that whole white gangster act is bullshit.
Leroy: Hey Lamont, did you hear that new song by Eminem?
It's fresh dog.

Lamont: Leroy please, that is bullshit. That boy had his momma fold his cloths and tuck him into bed at night. I don't believe a word of those lyrics.
by silentthread September 12, 2010
A white rapper that doesn`t belong in the music industry
Guy 1: Do you like Eminem

Guy 2: Sorry i don`t listen to crap
by whalefarts November 30, 2012
Makes the world a bad place.
If Eminem wasn't born, then we will all be drinking beer, smashing box and watching footy on big fuck off TV's. But instead we have to go to work.
by Dunai September 06, 2008
The gayest white boy rapper, he was proceeded by Vanilla Ice, but un like Vanilla ice, Eminem has really skinny girl arms. It looks like he has aids and pretends he is black, (probably because his own race disowned him).
Did you see that Eminem white boy with those sissy girl arms acting a fool with his pants hanging down like that when he was at a truck stop giving head in a bathroom.
by Shizziyzzer October 14, 2011
Slim Shady. Marshall Mathers.


The most epic rapper ever, hott and handsome, and a star who actually bares the truth.

Eminem is an amazing rapper, the one with the most amazing videos and the most amazing lyrics; I can't help but use hyperboles for such a talented man.

Since he got the world rocking to the beat of "My name is-?" more than a decade ago, he's been moving it with many more hip-hop songs that've left his fans in awe.

He often criticises other celebrities, as is obvious in 'Without me' (Moby) and 'We made you' (Sarah Palin, Britney Spears, Jessica Simpson, Amy Winehouse, Kim Kardashian and many more).

Many consider his lyrics to be offensive, but it actually depends on the way you want to look at them. He clearly has a passion for rhyme, which makes his songs what they are.

As a person, we may never know him. As a celebrity, he is known to be straightforward, uses profanities quite a bit, is strong of character and has a high level of se;f-confidence and determination. He took a break from his carreer in 2006 for three years, because of rehab. But Slim Shady's back. The rap scene does feel empty without him.
It needs a little controversy, it (the world) feels so empty without me.

"Don't do drugs, don't have unprotected s#x, don't be violent. Leave it to me to do all that"

by iHEARTShiaLaBeouf August 08, 2010
A rapper who had skills back in the days.(Infinite, slim shady lp, marshal mathers lp) but he fell off with the eminem show. Eminem is listened to white people who have no idea what rap is, people who just listen to eminem and think he is the greatest MC(which he is definatly not).
Eminem is not the greatest, niether is 50. You all need to listen to real rap.
by ill wil May 25, 2005

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