I think I will allow Stewie Griffin to explain this one.
"Eminem and 50 Cent wouldn't know a proper lyric if it crawled up their ass and brought them to orgasm through prostate stimulation."
by Squirrelykins June 23, 2005
One of the most respected and genius rappers alive. Coming from Detroit with a rough childhood, this man made it big, bringing fame to many including 50 Cent and the group of D12. He is also the inspiration to many people today, from 8 all the way up to 50 years old. Real name, Marshall Bruce Mathers the third, is one of the hottest men in the world, truly a legend.
Eminem is my favorite rapper
by Shawty Stace June 14, 2005
Best rapper alive.
Wow look at him, he must be an Eminem.
by alicia bob cat November 13, 2010
lame white boy who think he's black...does all that comedy shit on his videos just to get attention, see wigga..
lame wigga: yo man eminem is of da hizzle fo shizzlee!
lame wigga: traffic traffic lookin fo my chapstick.
me:....you da kinda wigga that need to be shot...*CLICK CLAT BOOM!* there u dead...
lame wigga: dont be hatin just cause eminem my idol, HE MY DADDY BEESH, thats how we fags do
by PEACHEZ ANA GURL May 31, 2005
A famous rapper/producer named Eminem also can be pronouce as M-n-M
and he is going to be releasing a new compact disc called Curtains Up!
I wanna buy eminems new cd called "Curtains Up!" in 2005
n. An extremely gay person. Gay meaning dressing up as Britney Spears or asking Moby to perform fellatio on you.
Dude, you are such an eminem!
by XFS May 24, 2005
A talented rapper...but a hypocrite. He speaks out against the war (killing innocents), and then raps about killing his mother with a chainsaw, shooting anyone who "steps up", and strangling women off in a parking lot while not caring if its dark or not....One of two things is occuring; either he has multiple personalities, or he is extreme simply to sell records...I vote for the second. He also preached this year about civic duty (ie voting)...he is 32 and voted for the first time this year...Im 21 and Ive voted 2 times...He needs to stick to rap and stop commenting on things that matter because he looks like a fool. He is a good rapper, thats it...a good rapper...not a college professor or a politician...just a rapper (probably the best is some invidual opinions)...
Who is slim shady anyways?
by Joe July 28, 2005

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