The angry blonde. the best rapper of all time from Detroit. He encompasses everything from being broke when he was in his mid 20's to his anger, to violence, to sex, to killing people to his sobriety . SLIM SHADY
Eminem is the only rapper to write a song that vividly depicts him murdering his wife and shoving her in a trunk
by the other angry blonde January 24, 2015
another cracker who thinks saggy pants and crying about his mom and daughter is cool and has sparked every white person in every small town in the USA to act hard, sag pants, beat women, do drugs, and not work.

first few albums were great and were played at almost every high school dance. then more of the same thing in years that followed turning many people away from his music.

retired then came back. stopped rapping about his mom after 10 years. white people got angry.
eminem- look dre i think ima do my first 5 cds about my mom and haily

dre- wont that get old?

eminem- no bc im white but ill spray paint myself black
by datdick May 26, 2011
The man you thought was black
Guy 1: I like black people songs too! I'm a huge Eminem fan.
Guy 2: Are you sure about that?
by Just_One_Random_Walnut May 02, 2016
A fucking legend.
Eminem is Literally "Started from the bottom, now we're here" meaning.
by astronaut January 04, 2015
Forget "best WHITE rapper in the world" he is the best RAPPER in the world PERIOD. Raps about his life unlike other rappers who talk about "bitches and hoes" or money and cars and crap like that, he raps about his daughters, issues with drugs and other things that are happening/happened to him in his life. Not only a pretty epic rapper he's also an awesome actor too (8 mile, great film) Eminem is the shiznit!!
I love this song, eminem is a LEGEND!
by MM101 April 14, 2011
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