the hottest man ever
omfg he is so hot kim mathers is such a fuckin' crak head to cheet on em' every 1 thinks he is bad cause hes white i want to tell lthem all 2 fuck them self heheheh
i love emienm he is so hot
by marshall mathers new wife June 10, 2005
A little bitch that got his ass kicked by I.C.P ( Which was funny as hell )and hes a wigger and black wanna be bitch.
Isn't that the wigger, eminem that got his ass kicked.
by Tylor horton December 09, 2006
aka slim shady aka marshall mathers -> hottest man t walk the earth and one of the most talented rappers ever
eminem is drop dead gorgeouse
by jaccc<3slimshady February 19, 2005
Eminem is a rapper from detriot who has the tendency to diss on other bands, for which he has no room to talk he dissed on ICP, but it is known that he use to goto ICP's concerts he laso tried to say ICP was going to be at his concert to get more people to go, Eminem is also know as Feminem and Slim Anus, He Has tried to copy ICP and failed tried to copy Esham and failed, so he now emulates Dr. Dre. He says he is hard but was arrested for pulling an UNLOADED gun with no clip even in it on the tour manager of Psychopathic Records.
what my name is... who my name is slim anus!!
Feminem is nothing but a b*tch thing
by Juggalo of cincy October 28, 2005
The sexiest man ever, also known as my bootylicious baby daddy. He is known for his sweet rap skills, and his sweet numbchuck skills, and just his allaround skills. He gives really awesome lapdances and is probably the best stripper I have ever laid my eyes on. He has 5 SEXY CHILDREN, named Marshall the 4th, Marsha (she's not sexy though), Marshek, EBONY, and Lafawnduh(HOTTIE)... Nicole Richie reportedly claimed him to be her husband at the 2005 Movie Awards, and that is exactly how it is, folks. Love it and leave it.
Eminem looks like a bottle of water.
by obviously marshall's wife July 12, 2006
a white rapper that used to be poor and one day he made it big.
Twiztid and ICP are better then eminem.
by $juggalette$ February 24, 2005
a sad little nigger-cock sucker that wants to murder his gf and who then somehow wins a grammy award
eminem is a sad little nigger-cock sucker who wants to murder his gf and who then somehow wins a grammy award
by eminemlovesblahnik October 24, 2008
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