Small shelled chocolate candy.
I love Eminems.
by JrnymnNate January 18, 2003
Eminem is a rapper from detriot who has the tendency to diss on other bands, for which he has no room to talk he dissed on ICP, but it is known that he use to goto ICP's concerts he laso tried to say ICP was going to be at his concert to get more people to go, Eminem is also know as Feminem and Slim Anus, He Has tried to copy ICP and failed tried to copy Esham and failed, so he now emulates Dr. Dre. He says he is hard but was arrested for pulling an UNLOADED gun with no clip even in it on the tour manager of Psychopathic Records.
what my name is... who my name is slim anus!!
Feminem is nothing but a b*tch thing
by Juggalo of cincy October 28, 2005
The sexiest man ever, also known as my bootylicious baby daddy. He is known for his sweet rap skills, and his sweet numbchuck skills, and just his allaround skills. He gives really awesome lapdances and is probably the best stripper I have ever laid my eyes on. He has 5 SEXY CHILDREN, named Marshall the 4th, Marsha (she's not sexy though), Marshek, EBONY, and Lafawnduh(HOTTIE)... Nicole Richie reportedly claimed him to be her husband at the 2005 Movie Awards, and that is exactly how it is, folks. Love it and leave it.
Eminem looks like a bottle of water.
by obviously marshall's wife July 12, 2006
a white rapper that used to be poor and one day he made it big.
Twiztid and ICP are better then eminem.
by $juggalette$ February 24, 2005
a sad little nigger-cock sucker that wants to murder his gf and who then somehow wins a grammy award
eminem is a sad little nigger-cock sucker who wants to murder his gf and who then somehow wins a grammy award
by eminemlovesblahnik October 24, 2008
Marshall Bruce Mathers is a famous rapper. His other nicknames are "slim shady and Eminem"
Jany: Eminem was probably a fat kid at school that ate a lotta eminems.
Josh: did you think he got the nick?
by Fire-Girl December 03, 2006
the hottest guy ever he is so hot i want to fuck him
he is a luvving father and he makes the best music and if u have a problem wit him ya have to deal wit me
I think I love you too. I'm here to save you girl,
come be in shady's world.
I want to grow together, let's let our love unfurl.
"You know you want me baby, you know I want you too.
They call me superman; I'm here to rescue you.
I want to save you girl, come be in shady's world. "
by eminem's new wife July 28, 2005
the first white rapper ever. here is his first song from the slim shady lp

Hi! My name is;what? My name is; who? My name is (scrathing) (Slim Shady!) repeat Hi kids! Do u like violence? Wanna' see me stick nine-inch nails through each one o' my eyelids? Wanna' copy me and do exactly like I did? wanna' Try cid acid and get fucked-up worse then my life is? My brains' dead weight, I'm tryin' to keep my head straight, but I can't figure out, which Spice Gurl I wanna' impregnate! An' Dr.Dre said,"Slim Shady u a basehand!", Nuh-uh! "Then whys' your face red? Man u wasted!" Well since age 12 I felt like I was someone else 'cause I hung my original self from the top-bunk with a belt! I Got pissed-off and ripped Pamela Lees' tits off an' smacked 'er so hard, I knocked her clothes backwards like criss-cross! I smoke a fat bound o' grass marijuana,an' fall on my ass, faster then the fat btich who sat down too fast! Comere' slut! "But Shady,wait a minute,That's my girl, dawg!" I don't give a fuck!!god sent me to piss the world off!

chorus x 2

My English teacher wanted to have sex in junior high! middle school the only problem was, my english teacher was a guy. I smacked him in his face wit' an' eraser! Chased him wit' a stapler! Stapled his nuts to a stack o' papers! walked in a strip-club,wit' my jacket zipped up,flashed the bar tender,and stuck my dick in a tip cup! Extra terrestial, killin' pedestrians raping lesbians, while they screamin', at me, lets just friends!" 99% of my life I was lied to, I just found out,my mom does more dope then I do. I told 'er I'd grow b to be a famous rapper,make a record about doin' drugs an' name it after her. Ya know u blew up,when the women rush to stands, and try to touch ya hands, like some screamin' Usher fans. This guy at White Castle assed for my autograph, so I sighned it,"Dear Dave, thanx' for the support, asshole!

chorus x 2

Stop the tape! Cuz Kidd needs to be locked away! Dr.Dre,don't just stand ther! OPERATE! It's to scary to leave. I'm not ready to die! (Fuck that!) He'll have to carry me inside the cemetary and burry me alive! Am I comin' or goin'? I can barely deside. I just drank a fifth o' a Vodka, dare me to drive! (go ahead!) All my life i was very deprived. I had a woman in years. An' my palms are to harry to hide(woops!). My Clothes rip, like the Incredible Hulk, I spit when i talk (spput!),I'll fuck anything that walks. When I was hungry, I used to get so hungry I would throw fits. like: "How u gonna' breat-feed me mom, you ain't got no tits! I lay awake an' strap myself in the bed, wit' one of Proof's vest' on,an' shoot myself dead. I'm steamin' mad (Urrgh!), an' by the way, when u see my dad,yeah the fag, tell im' that I slit his throat in this dream I had!

(chorus with insrumentals)
eminem raps about killing and raping women, which is kool
by InuYashaFreak64 from youtube September 27, 2007

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