Emina is a word used to describe someone who is extremely beautiful and loves to party (leaning more towards the excessive side). In some cases an Emina has very intelligent moments but in general the woman does not truly appreciate her talent. Fluent in the language of sarcasm, an Emina is hated by those who do not understand her and loved by everyone else who does.
Bob: Geez, that girl over there sure is being mean to all of her friends. Even if she is beautiful, why would you ever want to be friends with her?
Joe: Naw man, ive heard that shes an Emina. Theres no way shes actually being mean to her friends.
Bob: Ohhh wow, that explains it. I wish I had to the courage to go and talk to her.
#perfection antonyms: annoying #aerenchyma #ugly #amino acid #mean.
by Anonymous92903 June 16, 2011
Top Definition
Its a person who is loving, down to earth, BEATIFUL IN EVRY WAY and crazzzy once you get to know her. Her bad ass self has a ghetto side and can kick ur ass with her hoops on anytime! Anyine can love her and she is amazing and should be cared, valued, loved, and respected alll the time.
Emina is the most badass and amazing girl eva!
#badass #lovable #nature #amazing #ghetto #beautiful
by unannymous February 07, 2010
#emi na #fine #sexy #the shit #brackin
by HEYYOUDERE May 06, 2009
Emina is a slovenian name for females which love to shot people in torture games and literally spank people with their gross and black humoured thoughts!

Emina is also a gay couples Gabi!
Emina is lesbian!
#emina #lesbian #gabi #slovenia #torture
by Ursula Heide November 15, 2008
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