"Emily" is much more fun than many activities, including bowling, skiing, etc. Time is much better spent with Emily than any other character or activity. She makes you laugh when bowling pins don't.
Emily is more fun than bowling.
by sillygoose123 April 07, 2010
(1). The only thing larger than her ego is her breasts.

(2). When a girl is constantly on her period that even her hair turns red.
(3). A Naggy bitch
Dude, she is so Emily right now.
by cleaning crew August 02, 2010
a complete bitch. she is very insecure and though she seems tough she is actually very scared, you just have to comfront her and she will cry. she is mean to anyone and everyone for a cover up of her own inseurity. there is really only one synonym for the word "emily", that is BITCH. even if you think you are her best friend forever, she STILL has probably talked shit about you.
Emily talking to someone who is not of her 'approval' forsay: You are really ugly and nerdy hahhahah (sticks out her ass and no boobs) and fat! nobody likes you.
by Yeshyeshyesh fdkh April 04, 2010
A being of mystical proportion. She is quite possibly the greatest karaoke singer of all time, though she hides these talents behind her ninja mask. It is said that her stubborn demeanor has caused many to simply give up in trying to defeat her. She is the only known being to be capable of smiling and then doing an impression of a smile, whilst smiling.
Damn, you see that girl, she's so mystical and ninja like with mad karaoke skills, must be an Emily.
by Mister Deubel February 16, 2010
someone who acts immature bitch and pretends to be better then someone else who they call friends. She acts like everything everyone does is bad, but turns around and does the same thing. A hypocrite
She is being such an emily
by Andykinz February 14, 2010
N. (Syn)- Hoe, Whore, Wana-be lover, MaDussa, Succubus

An- at - first- attractive looking, nice sweet playing innocent girl, but once you get involved with her you will slowly realize she is nothing but a trick hoe bitch that will play with your heart and mind untill you are left a jelly filled skull and a black dark heart. She loves to hate espcially on thoes who love her. She is a chronic liar and lies even when she doesn't know she is lying.

Her nature is to feel loved and once she is, she rejects you because shes had her fix or boost to continue to corrupt another soul. She truly seeks revenge even if she doesn't know it. DO NOT Look her directly in the eyes or you will turn into stone. She will haunt you in your sleep and steal your spirit.
EMILY= Human Plague on humanity

John: "Hey mike what's wrong?'
Mike: " Emily is a bitch, and im crazy for ever liking her"
John: "Dude wtf did i tell you, shes no good, Get rid of her"
Mike: "Will you help me?"
John: "Yeah Way ahead of you." ( SHICK-SHACK!)
by Ahhplague February 24, 2010
Emily is usually associated with people that like to hit themselves in the face with a golf ball, while attempting to tee off. An Emily will usually have the ability to do many things, such as wrecking golf carts, and playing video games.
They are generally like-able, however, and offer much amusement to everyone they come into contact with.
John: Did you see that Emily just now?

Bill: HAHA, yes. Yes i did. Rather amusing Emily, that one was.
by TrendSitter June 13, 2010

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