A hyper Asian girl. Each Emily is known to have an obsession with something. Emily is one of the funniest people you will probably meet. Despite her hyperness, she works very hard, and has a bright future.
eg. Emily talks a lot about Harry Potter.

eg. Emily has straight A's.
by bubble tea~ June 27, 2011
An emily is a sexually intruiged character which preys upon creatures which pose small squinty eyes and mobile phones. They have the faint aroma of oxtail soup but a sweet taste of sherbet- a perculiar combination but hey that's em!
Emily's can become very territorial, be aware if you go near her gingerbread man. They can be defined by their distinct weezy laugh and manly voice, particularly when they feel threatened or hyper. Whilst this is a defensive animal it is also and lovely and beautiful one.... just stay out of its way or it will lemon drizzle your ass!
Hey Emily's comin quick open your eyes or she'll jump your bones
by buttmunch:P April 11, 2011
a promiscuous blonde broad who dances obnoxiously .
See that girl over there...she is for sure an emily.
by Drunken Lahey January 16, 2011
Usually the awkward child, even considered the ginger out of the group. Speaks in its own special dialect called "em-lay". Also enjoys mourning the loss of trees and small animals. Usual uses peer pressure to obtain a giggle snort. Also own imaginary unicorn with flying bunny companions. Always wearing a peace sign. ALWAYS. And never is associated with footwear. Does not enjoy being "mainstream" with the current group she is associated with. Yet oddly enjoys the musical prowess of Justin Bieber and always wanted to date Micheal Jackson. Usually causes others to enter a state of depression by pointing and in some cases laughing. yet is supposed to be trustworthy. Indecisive and never outspoken. Never tans, just spawns more freckles. Excludes other members of the group.
That girl right there is an Emily
by Mrboxcup July 02, 2011
dude-did u see emily
dude-she looks like a major slut
girl-and i hear shes pregnant
dude-yeah, its my baby, or maybe one of the other hundred guys she slept with
by empreggnator June 06, 2011
An unusually small individual, who has a mahoosive ginger rug. Loves the cock, and hates cats.

She is very good to the boys, and ocassionally the girls. Loves bears, very sweaty bears sometimes called Monties.

Has the sexiest family alive. Hunk a Hunk a burnin' Papa. Sexy ass bruvva.
Girl 1: Man, you are so Emily.

Girl 2: Dude, I KNOW!!!
by crazycatlady1 November 13, 2011
The biggest bitch you will ever meet. She is a fake two timing bitch. She is a crack whore who like to use people and she is easy to get in her pants. She is a backstabbing bitch that no one likes. She's such an Emily.
Girl 1: My best friend just lied to me
Girl 2: She's being an Emily
by Lauren Pickel August 03, 2011

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