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a ugly girl that breaks it down to shes a motha fuckin pot head piece of shit witha unibrow made from pubes
emily is shit
by babety February 18, 2011
A beautiful person inside and out. Someone you fall hard for and can't get enough of. She is an extremist in the purest sense and lives every moment to the fullest. She is either totally into you or NOT. When she is not its its like getting hit by a mack truck over and over again. When she is into you, you just melt into her and never wish the moment to end.

A true Jersey girl. 23
No one can get enough of Emily.
by April232023 February 10, 2010
A super awesome amazing person who everyone adores, super cute and down to earth. Likes to smoking large amounts of weed because she's super boss like that :P
Greatly dislikes Shilo's
You're the most Emily person in the world <3
You're pretty Emily lets smoke a joint :P

Omg a shilo im to emily for you man
by CodyCrisis August 05, 2011
A dumb slutty bitch who is a big contradiction and hypocrite.
"You know, Emily, right?"
Yeah, she's a slutty bitch, is she pregnant yet?
by Just great January 20, 2011
emily is the best person alive everyone loves her and she has so many talents :D she loves lots of people and lots of people love her!! she is a loyal friend when you can alwyas ask if you need help or guidence. also she is VERYY pretty, and dosen't need make up she is VERY nautrally pretty (: you are very lucky to know emily ;
if you are one of the lucky ppl in the world to know an emily, your life will be sooooooooooooo much better than EVEEERR XXXXXX

WE LUURVVV EMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
OMG it's an emily :D

emily is THE best !
by someone.... efgwr February 20, 2010
A chick-fil-a employee who is extremely filled with emotions. Very sensitive. Will not hesitate to call you a bitch. She will tell you exactly how she feels about you at any given moment, but she doesn't do it to hurt your feelings, it's just how she feels.
Person one: "Oh hey Emily"

Emily: "oh hey.. i need to tell you something.. its just how i feel: YOU'RE A BITCH."
by hellokitty69BIRTHDAYSEX September 11, 2010
Condescending bitch.
Emily made me feel dumb yesterday. She's kind of a condescending bitch.
by lahve February 08, 2010