Emily is someone who love you for who you are. She is beautiful but she doesn't know it. She is one you can cuddle and love until you perish. If you meet an Emily keep her close and never let her go. Her blue eyes will make you lose track of time, you will be immobilized. She has the voice of an angel, but she will deny it. She is someone you can spend the rest of your life with.
Aaron: I met an amazing girl last night but i cant remember her name.
Person: Oh, that must have been Emily.
by AaronTheCrusader May 20, 2016
some hoe who copies everyone and can't be herself
also a very overused, common name
person 1: "guess whos into jpop now?"
person 2 : "who?"
by Luna69 June 21, 2016
A dumb blonde bitch that uses a friend to get more friends then dumps the original friend and doesn't tell her why
Ew . Look at the girl. She must be an Emily
by HaterBitch1234 April 09, 2016
a girl who eats in form and gets a lunchtime detention and then forgets to go to it. Then she is given an after school detention and then she forgets about that

To be continued.....
Oh you are such an Emily!
by Unknown Nigga101 March 05, 2016
The "corpse bride" in Tim Burton's masterpiece Corpse Bride. Emily is a sweet, friendly, broken young woman who deserved to be with Victor but didn't and went up to heaven in the end instead, but I guess that's ok too.
You are such an Emily
by ColorfulSound313 March 03, 2016
Emily means "eager" its orgin is of course latin.
She's an Emily
by Sydney Calls January 08, 2012
That slut in school who always wears a tiny skirt and flashes her tits to boys when she doesn't get her own way, even if she fails a test she'll show the teachers her nudes so she passes, she's just that general school hoe who loves Adam (the fittest lad in the year) with all her slutty heart
Emily's a fucktarf
by Adamchan June 05, 2016
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