A drug addicted girl that loves detroit. does tons of meth, pops pills, does heroin, that everyone thinks will die soon, which she rightfully should. Has bouts of Phycosis from all the drugs, and dissapears sometimes for days. She tweeks on meth and ruins all her relationships. Lots of people hate her. Many do not know how she is still alive from all the drugs.
hey john, ever seen emily?
yea shes such an addict!!
by kentuckyan April 26, 2013
The most amazing big sister and spectacular dancer in the universe, who always knows how to make anyone laugh and gives really good hugs, when she feels like it! Her voice makes angels cry. (which is good!) She is beautiful and everybody knows it, but she is so humble that it makes everyone think she's even more beautiful! Inside and out. She is wonderful! And she is going to college.
Peson A: "So I saw a movie with Pikachu last night!"
Person B: : "Well Emily said hi to me this morning, so ha."
Person A: "... Crap."
by 'Ittle Bit December 02, 2010
a girl who thinks she is amazing and beautiful. But - don't talk to her for too long, she'll trap you with stories and keep talking until you feel like covering her mouth with duck tape. That's ok though, she is usually very nice and funny, also kind of popular.
Jim: Hey I saw you with Emily - she has a really nice ass !

Bob: Emily is a hot girl but she wouldn't stop talking to me!! Although, it was pretty cool cause the whole time she never noticed me rubbing her boobs. ;P

Jim: Duuddee!! She is such an Emily! I have to find another Emily!

Bob: Why?

Jim: Duh! So that I can titty fuck her and she won't even bother!
by 20111..20293 January 04, 2015
Emily is one of a kind. It would be hard to compare her to a purple pear shaped donut. But you can compare her to Dory (from "Finding Nemo") She's a fine piece of artwork to be a fish. She likes to be creative and inventive, she also really enjoys spreading the vaseline bottle on herself, wrapping herself up in glad wrap and pretend to be a snail.
Person 1: OMG i think i just saw a snail
Person 2: dude that was an Emily

Person 1: it looks like a Dory-Snail
Person 3: my name is Taylor R****** and i have a lot of feelings
by mr.mysterious (so serious) May 12, 2012
Someone who could be considered lost in a large fruit-loop box.
Why are you acting so Emily today?
by hidihi November 13, 2011
Emily is probably one of the bestest friends you could ever have. Though awkward at times, Emily's humor will always make you laugh. Whether she be talking of unicorns or her newest catch on Pokémon, she will always be fun company. And has fashion sense been mentioned? Out of all the girls you meet in a lifetime, Emily will probably have the most fashion sense out of them all. On top of that, with her amazing artistic talent, she can not only draw cute and unique outfits, but also put them together in real life. If you are lucky enough to find an Emily, don't lose her because she is someone who you can count on through thick and thin.
I wish I had a friend named Emily!

If Emily were a Pokémon, I'd catch her first.

Dude, who is that supermodel?
You don't know?! That's Emily.
by T-PAIN D-PINE June 16, 2010
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