A girl who is pissed at multiple horny men who won't stop masturbating to her name on Urban Dictionary.
Random Person: What should we look up next?
Emily: I don't know. Let's look up our names and see what it says.
(Five seconds later)
by XxRedxX January 01, 2011
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From the very first moment you meet Emily, the way she looks at you will make you feel as if you've been friends with her your whole life. Emily is the only girl of your dreams who will come true. She will show up in your life disguised as the muse Serendipity or, "happy accident" and as convincing as she may be, Emily herself is no accident. At times, she may not always know exactly what she is doing. Nevertheless, Emily's actions will always be intentional and deliberate. It's easy to be fooled. She has the power to tear ANY man apart if she so chooses to but if your love for Emily is true, you will be able to gaze deeply into her endless blue eyes and see underneath her clever camouflage to discover that deep down, Emily is a diamond. Perfect and flawless. Her soul is as free as a new born baby and feels just as soft and cool, but she is no push over. She'll always do as she pleases even though you may not approve. It is wise to never ask Emily "why?". Doing so will make you go insane. If you happen to be lucky enough to have a friend named Emily then you are blessed with infinite inspiration and endless imagination. It is because of Emily that mankind has dared venture into outer space.
Hero: "Emily you have made me so angry that I want to murder innocent happy good looking children!!!"

Emily: "Whoa!! Check it out dude!! Look what I made!"

Hero: "Uh.. OH! WOW! That's awesome, Em!! How did you do that?!!"

Emily: "I'm not telling!!"
by Chuck Studly August 03, 2009
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A girl who will do anything for their friends and will make you laugh non stop. She is also know as legit because she so real with you.
That girl is such an Emily
by im so legit. January 21, 2012
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An amazing girl that without trying, will make you fall for her without even trying. She can strike up an conversation in a flash and you will be able to keep talking until you fall asleep on the keyboard at 3 am. After just a few weeks, you will find that she will become either your best friend or the love of your life. She will always be there for you and awkward...is not a word in her dictionary. However, she can sometimes be foreign with the idea of romance, for she hangs out with boys more than girls. Overall she is one of the few people you need to never forget. When you meet an emily, consider yourself someone who is beyond lucky.
"aw man i spent all night talking to emily!"
by KylewaitforitHua October 19, 2012
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An emily is a loyal friend you have had for a long time tht suddenly turns into your dream girl even though shes nothing that you have ever liked before.
i want to be with Emily! but she doesnt like me
by jerrythe king August 22, 2011
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The cutest girl you can ever meet. Most emily's have the most beautiful eyes which if stared in to long you may lose track of time. They also have the nicest body and the cutest smile. Emily's are the cutest most beautiful girls you may ever get to know. If you know an emily then you are considered lucky they will never leave you and is always there for you and you can trust them no matter what. If you date an emily never let them go, they will be your best friend for life no matter what through thick or thin.
Guy1: is that a super model
Guy2: no thats just emily
by 82892374649864806 September 08, 2008
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It's a synonym for perfect, but especially in relationship to this one girl. It's a girl that you love with your whole heart, and you never want to let go. A girl you'd cuddle with in a second, and fall in love with even quicker. Some people say an "Emily" shines like the stars, but that would be saying she shines in the crowd. Since so obviously, she shines even more brilliently then all the others, making even the sun jealous of her radiance. She's anything and everything you'd want in someone, and then goes even beyond that.

Tip: With Emilies, make sure you never let them go. They are the best thing you will ever have. You don't have to try looking for someone better, because you'd be wasting your time. From the moment you spot one, you spot a miricle, and by miricle, if she loves you, god darn it, love her with all you have.
Me: So what'd you do today?
Generic Peasant: I woke up today and found a treasure chest full of gold. How about you?
Me: I cuddled with Emily
Generic Peasant: ... Can we trade?
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