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Emily is a beautiful girl, with adorable brown eyes that shine and captivate! With the cutest smile you've ever seen, one that when looked at you smile yourself! She's a girl that loves and is open minded, that will stick by you when you're down. A girl with a huge heart, who just gets treated unfairly and misunderstood. Who saves others by just being beside them, but when she needs saving few are beside her. She's gorgeous beautiful and out, whoever has an Emily will be the luckiest alive in the whole galaxy. Treat her right love her and she'll love you back. She's nice, caring, sweet, never says any wrong about you. Willing to defend you from anyone. She's full of wierdness, randomness and flaws but still perfect! I love the Emily i have! Oce you have one you never want to lose her and if you do, life won't be the same.. She changes you're miserable life and makes it better.
She has a huge heart, she's an Emily!
I'm so lucky i have an Emily.

Feeling like a billionare cause of my Emily
by oreo'smilky March 28, 2013
A girl that doesn't have any friends. When she does she blows them off. Often has red or brown hair, never blonde. Evil, selfish, bitchy, mean, self-concieted, rude. You will regret ever meeting her in the first place. If you ever see her run away cause she will manipulate you!!!!!
Lulu: Hey look there's Emily wanna punch her??

Cassie: No no look away look away AHhhhhhhh!!!

Lulu: ?????

Cassie: in the background AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Lulu??
by Crazy Girls 647 August 14, 2011
The definition of someone who is obsessed with your boyfriend and tries her hardest to be a home-wrecker and not very pretty at all.
That girl is acting like an Emily, Always wrecking someones home!
by bootycall123123 April 28, 2011
Slutty!! Emily's are so fucking annoying too. An Emily is often short and thinks shes the hottest thing in the world. But she's not really. Emilys are two-faced and backstabbers. They say they are hot and sexy and everybody loves them but they never have a boyfriend. An easy hoe but nobody wants this bitch.
Jessica: Omg Lindsay did you see what emily did to me!!

Lindsay: Yeah she was telling Sarah about how u love matt.

Jess: 2faced bitch.

Lindsay: Yeah she thinks shes all Hot like Kristina but she so isnt.

Jess: Wat a fag. look! now shes talking to matt.

Lindsay: Wat a hoe
by DevilsAdvocat1998 July 01, 2011
Shes really really hot. But is a total hoe. She sucks guys dicks and gets around. Shes a great kisser. And girls evny her.
Woah she did an Emily to me last night.
by fuiku March 18, 2011
That person is emily.
by booradley45 December 13, 2010
A code word for alcohol.
"Are we hangin with emily tonight?"
by Blue Mafia July 03, 2006
She is dumb, ginger, promiscuous and a wanna-be whore. She has a boyfriend but flirts with EVERYBODY!! Even girls. She feels the need to talk in a baby voice when surrounded by males. Emily's typically don't have large bums but think that they do and want others to know. They can gabber for hours with no specific topic.
Girl 1: "That ginge keeps flirting with my boyfriend even though she knows we're together.."
Girl 2: "She's such an Emily, I just always wanna punch her.."

Boy 1: "Oh man, this chick keeps texting me. never ending"
Boy 2: "What an Emily!"
by Elizabeth Peel November 24, 2011