A name of an imaginary girlfriend that guys use to boost their confidence after a major breakup, and to make the girl that broke their heart jealous.
girl 1- I heard that trevor's new "girl friend" goes to Mammoth High
girl 2- Wait, I heard she goes to Bishop High
girl 3- I think she's just an Emilia
by memo2641025 April 20, 2008
Usually the name of a girl of Italian descent who has a great body and really pretty.
Person 1: Look at that girl. She's so pretty.
Person 2: Yup, that's an Emilia
by Ghepardo December 19, 2014
A loving person but can think alot of herself. She would chose animals of humans in a heartbeat and tends to live in the country, very kind while she is young and will grow up to be a fantastic woman. She is very loyal to her friends and family, she can be very emotional but she is a very attractive lady!
I went to Emilia's house last night and she knows how to party
by Jedda November 05, 2014
Typically a girl from the south who lacks any sort of grammar. Is a part of a sports team and thinks every guy on it is after her. A TOTAL whore. Her looks are average at best.
You see that girl running over there?
Shes a total Emilia
by Yoloswagbitch May 19, 2015
a type of grape that can capture the moment with one snap
you really put an emilia on that
by El thermo April 27, 2009
When describing someone in a slutty/sexual manner.
(can refer to the way they dress, speak, act etc.)
Damn, that girl is such an Emilia, look at her skirt!
by Why Hello There. July 12, 2009
The kind of girl who other girls are friends with just because she has a big house. Wears clothes that really dont leave much to the imagination and will make fun of your boyfriend until the day she sleeps with him, and then she will try and make some new friends, and most likely sleep with their boyfriends too.
by What you lookin at? July 18, 2009

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