A Province in Italy: Emilia-Romagna. A famouse highway running through the province and the city Bologna: the Via Emilia. Also a charactor in Shakespeare's "A Winter's Tale." The name itself means 'hard working.' Not to be confused with the English version Amelia or Emily.
Dude, let's go chill on the Via Emilia!
by The Great E November 30, 2006
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The kind of girl who everyone loves. She's stunning and is always lovely. She has a cute face and a great body. Normally she originates from Italy or Spain.
Girl 1 'Wow look at that girl , doesn't she seem amazing?'
Girl 2 'Yep, she's definitely an Emilia'
by Blablabla. September 09, 2010
Emilia is an italian girls name. Usually Emilia's have sexy asses and a cute face. Always makes people laugh, and everyone loves her. She has a love attention and attracks boys. Words don't effect her because she knows who she is. She has a few close friends but lots of friends all together.
Person 1: Wow she has a nice ass!

Person 2: Yep, Thats Emilia ;]
by WhyHiThere October 13, 2011
an amazing girl who usually doesn't have many friends but when she does find her group of friends, she shines :) she is cute as a button and seriously nice. she never gossips and is constantly happy.
wow, i wish i was like Emilia. she's amazing!
by hijackson June 08, 2011
1. Unusual female name that sounds just like 'Amelia', and therefore is forever misspelled.

2. Character in Shakespeare's play, Othello. Is excellent for essays because near the end of the play, she gives a vaguely feministic speech that can be interpreted as something of great importance.
1. "You misspelled my name in the yearbook, again, for the fourth time."

2. "I got an A+ on that essay just because I made up a bunch of crap about Emilia's little speech."
by Emilia234 July 24, 2006
A cute, sexy girl who has boys acting all manly around her. Always cares for friends an family, and will forever love muffins.
Wow, Emilia is looking super cute today!
by JumpyBurger9 January 11, 2015
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