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The absolute sexiest nickname on earth!!<3
Codie: Lol, I love my EmiBear! Colby: FFS! I wish I had an EmiBear like Codie! FML!
by Codiee April 05, 2010
The most beautiful girl in the entire world, kind , loving thoughtful and caring. Sexy body smokin ass and very easy to please, but if you cross her you might get mauled to death she is a bear
Matt: Daym who is that

Bryan: Oh thats my Emi Bear
Matt: i pooped
by Butters0422 February 03, 2010
The nickname given to only the most amazing girls named Emily, on earth.
Ricky: Wow! I wish I had an Emibear! Colby: Yeah, me too! Mitch: Same, Omgg!
by Codieeee October 28, 2010
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