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Underrated and often forgotten.

ELP is a british progressive rock group formed in 1970 by Keith Emerson, Greg Lake and Carl Palmer. To this day they have sold over 30 million albums. Their biggest success was the album Brain Salad Surgery in 1973. A very different sound when compared to other prog. rock bands from their time. Also known for their outstanding and crazy live shows.
"Do you like Emerson, Lake & Palmer?"
by ELP fan January 05, 2006
A great and wildly successful band in the '70s, they have been obscured by other progressive acts like Pink Floyd by today's youth. All three members of the band (Keith Emerson on keyboards, Greg Lake on vocals and bass, and Carl Palmer on drums) were virtuosos at their respective instruments. Keith Emerson's awe-inspiring skill can be seen in all of their live albums and on epic tracks like Tarkus and Karn Evil 9: First Impression. Must-listens include: Tarkus, Karn Evil 9 (First Impression Part 2), From the Beginning, Knife Edge, Hoedown, Lucky Man, Jerusalem, Peter Gunn, Fanfare for the Common Man, Still... You Turn Me On, Tiger In a Spotlight, Trilogy, Infinite Space (Conclusion), Bitches Crystal, A Time and A Place and many others.
Listener: Damn this is awesome! Who is this again?
Prog Fan: Emerson, Lake & Palmer
Listener: I gotta get me some ELP albums
by theredkatana August 07, 2006
A famous seventies-era progressive rock band that has been largely forgotten by today's youth. ELP played long, orchestral jazz/rock/fusion peices that are best accompanied by some good chronic.

Every aspiring drummer should listen to Carl Palmer's awexome drum solo on Tank.

Fanfare for the Common Man, Lucky Man, Knife Edge, Tank, Karn Evil 9.
Tom: Emerson, Lake & Palmer... weren't they the backup band on a Dashboard Confessional tour?

Joe: *Smash*

Tom: Agh... my ovaries.
by Tabernak! July 22, 2006
An extremely talented band,

Keith Emerson is a God on the keyboard, piano,and synthesizer. He even plays two at the same time at live performances and in songs like Trilogy.

Greg Lake uses bass and is amazing in creating good synchronizations and bass-lines. Also his voice is very clear and can change pitch very smoothly.

Carl Palmer can create complicated drum beats and keep them in rhythm.

The band is very talented yet not many people know about them today, probably because they didn't have guitar (they were amazing without it) so stupid preps weren't all over them and screaming about them.

They are Gods so I recommend listening to Knife-Edge cause if you're the average person you will like it.
prep: This is Emerson, Lake & Palmer? Their guitar sounds weird.

ELP fan: That's synthesizer not guitar.

prep: It doesn't sound like the background music of rap songs.

ELP fan: Yeah, the person playing the synthesizer has talent. And the singer can pronounce Cadillac right.
by joe725 April 24, 2007
My mom's favorite band. Ugh.
"You want to come to my place and listen to records?"
"I would, but my Emerson, Lake & Palmer vinyl is scratchy."
by Mr. XXXXX January 01, 2008
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