short form for 'e-mail me' when on a chat page. when you get back, and we'll meet for coffee.
by Paul J Parkinson April 21, 2005
Top Definition
A person who is an insomniac. This person tends to be spontaneous. They love a good laugh, but in the privacy of their room. They only speak when it's important and needed.
"She's turning into an Eme."
by rebmza March 13, 2005
someone who stares into deep space and says "Where am I?" a lot. Generally very forgetful and confused. But everyone loves him :)
Person: "Why are there cliffs in the classroom?"
Friend: "Nawww ily, thats such an Emes question."
by Quasimodo235 June 03, 2009
EM ES stands for m-s which stands for mouldy sandwhich. EM ES refers to a person who's odour is really REALLY and i mean REALLY bad to the lungs to the point of suicide.
what the hell that guy stinks man, i hate him that EM ES fool...
by l0rd h00d October 22, 2007
(Excalimation. Actually, it's more like a full sentence, condensed)
Comes from the phrase "e-mail-me".
When said to another person, implies you want that person to send you an e-mail.
"Yo! Matt! E-me the science notes for the test tommorow, okay?"
by annonymous February 09, 2005
To blade someobody, or fuck them over hard. Often involves gay buttsex and senior leadership pitching
dude the whole company just got eme'd today!

dude, stacey just got eme'd and had to go to borden!
by ohh yeahhh January 25, 2009
To ejaculate male sperm on another person without their consent.
Girl: "Aww, you emes all over me"
by shaggler February 25, 2010
Abbrev. of E-mail me. the act of asking someone to send an E-mail to oneself.
E-me the form tomorrow.
by Okae Soesoomi December 14, 2006
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