Emanuel Is the most amazing boy ever. He is sweet, kind, hot, amazing, and he has the cutest laugh known to man kind. He also smells amazing. You can't help but follow him anywhere he walks once you smell his amazingness. He is known for dat booty....he's athletic, tan, and has the perfect smile. (: you can't help but love him! Once you get him, don't ever take him for granted because he is the most amazing person you will ever meet. (:
Girl 1: damn....you see that Emanuel?
Girl 2: dude....I be seein that Emanuel from the other side of the building...sooo amazing.
by Bridget123123456 January 16, 2013
Top Definition
Tradionally means "God is with us", and thats exactly what the ladies say in bed. All they scream is "God, God, God" while being satisfied.

Coolest cat with da best tricks, the guys wish they were him, and the girls wish they were with him
Girl #1: I met an Emanuel today
Girl #2 Damn girl you're so lucky,

Girl #1 I know, tell me about it. You know once you go Emanuel, you never go back
by TruthBtolduknow May 03, 2010
Someone who will constantly insult you but only as a means to play around, when really he cares A LOT about his friends. Tall, sometimes blonde, and who's name means "God is with us." A good friend to have if you need someone who is funny yet can be kind and serious and trustworthy. Everything an Emanuel does is to better your life, unless he dislikes you of course.
Guy # 1: Yo, my best friend is an Emanuel!
Guy # 2: Dude that's awesome! I need me one of those.
by NicaMan November 21, 2010
Emanuel is a five-piece post-hardcore band from Clarksville, Indiana. They formed in 1998 under their lesser known name Emanuel Nice and appeared on four releases, before getting signed to Vagrant Records and changing their name in 2004. Since, they have released their debut album Soundtrack to a Headrush.
NEW Emanuel Fan ;; Oh I just Love Emanuel!!1
REAL Emanuel Fan ;; I liked them better before when they were Emanuel Nice.
NEW Emanuel Fan ;; They had a different name??!
by KrystaDawn August 16, 2006
A gay cuban who gets no girls and and at the end of the day will end up with a man.Also has the smallest penis You will ever seen..
You a waste of air, skin, and sperm emanuel
by Emanuel Chavaico December 06, 2010
typically a big fat black boy who likes white girls with curly hair and who thinks that using his money to get girls to like him is the only way to go. someone who constantly lies to make himself look cooler. hes a lame trick who dates ugly girls. leads them on then talks shit about them. typical emanuel. also says that hes rich when he lives in a ghetto apartment when he says he lives in a huige mansion. bullshit my assholeee.
"emanuel lance holmes is a stupid trick"
by shannon :D August 23, 2008
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