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A hilarious, beautiful girl, who is usually atheltic & tan.also very very smart. all the boys desire her but only one can behold her heart. ususally best friends with taylors. she doesnt smell like rotten ass at all. she smells like roses .
boy oh boy, did you see that girl? she was perfect, she MUST be an emani!!!
by one who admires emani February 05, 2010
Is a beatiful girl with too big of a heart. She always puts others before her. But her trust is hard to gain. But there is one person who has her heart and will never be able to let go of. Her personality is existing and she a freak on the low. She is usually very athletic, and going for what's best for her.
Yo I gotta get me an Emani!
by emani617 January 26, 2015
A fine ass light skin.

- trust me I had an Emani
by ohhvhvhvfuibugvjigrtg May 24, 2016
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