1. An intelligent individual who spreads his disease everywhere.

2.Side effects would be straight up chillin, not giving a shit, yelling, and being possessive and some pagal characteristics

3.He has an amazing vibe but lacks swag
mom: What are you doing?? Get up its time for work!!
son: UGHHHHHHH im just gonna pull an emad

girl: That guy got infected by emad
girl2: Now all he does is sleep and chill
girl: Damn but being around the emad is straight tho..
girl2:But his swag??

Lets just pull an emad.. try it out we can straight up be chillin dawggggg
by pagal June 05, 2011
Top Definition
1. A man of great intelligence, power, persuasion, and strength.
2. Most likely to become a person in a high-ranking position.
3. Pillar, or foundation.
e.g. We can tell that he is like an Emad.
e.g. You, if we don't put up those Emads, the house is going to fall!
by Charles Hank Corningstone February 06, 2009
1.The pessimistic 16 year-old Egyptian writing this definition.

2. A heartless yet brilliant individual- unmatched in intellect, indifference, misanthropy, and cynicism.

3. Someone who doesn't like being defined by other people.
A) Emad is such a skilled writer.

B) Person one: That Emad is just so freaking cruel...

Person Two: Yeah, he's a jerk... But he's still smarter than us.

C. Seriously, you people have got to stop defining me! (I'm aware of the irony). Get lives, go out on dates, copulate, reproduce, stare at the ceiling, do your homework, do anything else, I really don't care, just get off the internet because the previous definitions only show how sad and pathetic your lives are. O.K. Rant over. I'm going to go post inanely on a blog... :)
by Michael Christian. January 29, 2012
A winner by all marks. Of syrian origin. Smarter than the guy reading this defenition.
Oh look its Emad, lets look down in humility!
Emad > all
by Emad December 26, 2004
to respond to a widely-read blog's every single entry, usually within ten minutes of each entry's posting, normally in the most inane and annoying fashion
i ate cereal today.


emad ;)
by dr. reals November 13, 2007
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