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Is a sweet girl that everyone can love once you get to know her. She can never sit still, always has to be going something. She is extremly hyper at time. But on the other had she is a sex godess, she's very flexiable and can do alot. Once you have he every other girl will be lame.
guy 1: "OMG! bro Cole is so lucky to be dating Elxis!"
guy 2: "Yea i know, hes really gunna have to hold on to her"
by ;kjhrsd;ighb March 15, 2010
Is a loveable girl who always have guys droolin after her. She a real pot head. She know when to be care free and crazy and when to be serious and to calm dowm. Is a very beautiful and amazing girl, once you know or date an Elxis you'll never want to lose her.
guy 1:"YO did u see who Tylers dating?"
guy 2:" Yea hes dating Elxis. hes the luckest guy in the world"
by sexy=love March 14, 2010
Hot, sexy, body that everyone wants around. Who ever she dates they cant get enought of her. She can be a real bitch at times but in the end shes always a sweetheart.
DAM did u see Elxis' body. Its the hottest one out there!
by kid cud March 14, 2010
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