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by far the sexiest, coolest, most amazing name a woman could ever be named.
Girl: Hi. my name is Elvira
Guy: *melts*
by this name taken July 19, 2006
The most beautiful women in the universe are named this. They are clever and witty and have high sex appeal.
Other words to describe Elvira's are: Sexy, hot, fit, wild, interesting, mysterious, magnetic, out of this world, gorgeous etc. The list of how utterly amazing they are goes on for eternity. Woman with the name of Elvira are the best thing to be given to the universe and can make men erect just by saying their name.
Elvira: "Hi Austin"
Austin: H-Hi- *Errghh bonerrrr*
by SuckMyNippleMilk December 03, 2011
The alter ego of actress Cassandra Peterson, Elvira the Mistress of the Dark is the host of Elvira's Movie Maccabre and starred in her own movie Elvira: Mistress of The Dark which also spawned a sequel titled Elvira's Haunted Hills.

She's also had a singing career with songs like Zombie Stomp, Monsta Rap, Full Moon, Here Comes The Bride, and Haunted House.

She has been parodied and paid homage to numerous times, including the character Atrocia in the Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy.

A true halloween icon, and a wonderful woman with a massive set of pumpkins.
"Who's your favorite halloween character?"

"Elvira, the mistress of the dark."

"She's sooo beautiful isn't she?"

"Yep, raaawr."
by MM132 April 03, 2012