Selfish , tall for nothing , wants to be the cool kid from the block type of guy. Who everyone knows that he sucks at every sport no matter how good he thinks he is. He is always mad , because his man hood is below average then the rest of his boys.
Guy: 1 Man that kid can't never play basketball

Guy: 2 I bet you that his name is Elvin
by Torres..loves the d August 08, 2012
Top Definition
A really nice cute asian guy, that makes you smile and makes your day every time you hug, and you love hearing his voice or someone who's really awesome and makes you horny.
Nikki: 'omg Bin, ur so Elvin'
Bin: 'Aww thanks'
by AznNIKKI September 22, 2009
Variant of the name "Alvin", which originates from a medieval form of both the Old English names ÆLFWINE and ÆÐELWINE.

"ælf" meaning 'elf' or 'supernatural being' &

"wine" meaning 'friend'.

The name has been popularised in modern times by the kick ass chipmunk. This & variants of the name are oft given to guys who are destined to draw the adulation of many young pretty women from all over the world, just as Alvin the chipmunk still does today.
Dude, you just missed my supernatural friend, Elvin! he was here a mintue ago but had to go sign some autographs for his admiring fans!
by some crazy fool February 05, 2010
Happy, naughty and tricky by nature. Often skips blithely and throws candy at on-seers. Moves swiftly and giggles. Must wear green eyeshadow and little skirt. Don't find yourself in the path of an elvin if you are sensitive to intense bursts of happiness.
example: Dude did you see that elvin?? She was ridiculously hot; if I wasn't emo and depressed, I would do her.
by candyqueen317 December 11, 2006
a weird and quiet boy who, wen he is concentrating, taps his foot and frowns like grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
by kirsty p May 01, 2003
One who posses the large appearence of an ogre-like man beast.
That kid is so elvin!
by I cannot say June 14, 2004
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