A very fake creature (resembling an anime character) showing great finesse whilst on the soccer field. Often found residing in her adopted home at Happy Cup, Elux takes great pride in her possum like hair. If u dis the hair, prepare to be called a fucktard/bag.
Elux was gonna be cut if I told her she looked like a cartoon asian man.
by MACCAroni March 22, 2004
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Female of Longreach ancestry. Possesses the ability to consume copious amounts of jelly and/or pancakes. Known for inexplicably utilising public Barbecue's in the place of conventional ovens. See also Cheatux
Elux baked herself some jelly.
by Flanby September 15, 2003
Female of Brisbane origin. Believe Cookie dough musn't always be cooked in an oven, put on BBQ's in parks. An elux is not who she is, it's what she is.
"Elux called me to say she was bringing fortune cookies to the picnic"
by Foobs September 15, 2003

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