A YouTube commentator whose content, much like his hair, has grown thin.
Friend 1: Have you been watching Elpresador's videos lately?

Friend 2: Nope.
by Former Sub May 03, 2012
Top Definition
The Beast himself. You can find Elpresador in his natural habitat knocking down trees, beasting groundhogs, and not giving a flying fuck.
CLAP CLAP CLAP CLAP... FUCK!! - the Elpresador's mating call
by BEAST NATION April 12, 2011
best youtube commentator that there is , provides the beastscribers with golden entertainment and exposes the little bitches.
I had a bad day and then i watched a elpresador commentary, now i'm laughing my fucking ass off
by FullMetalJacket August 20, 2011
The name for a white man who sounds like a black man. Also a guy who has entertaining gaming commentaries on YouTube
"Look at that dumbass"
"I could write a fucking novel in the time it takes this motherfucker to reload "

---Yep, thats El Presador
by CodexRios December 02, 2010
The definition of an American citizen who does not give a shit about being politically correct.
Elpresador does not give a flying fuck if he offends you. He makes all the nerds dance like puppets because they are on his strings.
by BiblicalBeast at this Juncture December 04, 2015
A condition that affects middle aged men who live in there grandmothers basement and has to ask permission to borrow the car. Suffers from mild to severe mental illness. Is a leader of men...who's I.Q. is in the range of 67-74.
I saw a fat 42 year old man driving down my street. He was screaming incoherently to himself while looking at his phone. It was later revealed to me that he suffers from Elpresador
by DarkHelmet November 22, 2014
A term for a 40 year old homosexual man who does nothing but plays video games.
Stay In school kids or you'll end up like Elpresador
by Elpresador June 27, 2009
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