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Elo is a rating system used in LoL (League of Legends).
Low Elo: A player that has more lossed that wins.

Mid Elo: The wins and losses are even.

High Elo: A player that has more wins than losses.
by Chetu June 15, 2010
Arpad Elo developed the self-named elo rating system, a system designed originally to fairly calculate the overall rankings of chess players. Elo has also seen exposure in different sports and games, branching off to areas like Football, Scrabble, or Backgammon, and video games such as Guild Wars, Starcraft 2, and League of Legends.

In a roughly abbreviated explanation, players under the elo system are placed at a specifically middle rating, say 1200 in League of Legends. With subsequent games, players can increase their score from victories or decrease their score from losses. The fine tuning of points earned when winning or losing a game are usually made separately for each type of game, as different mechanics are involved.
A: Man, I've been losing so many games, my elo's almost dropped to three digits!

B: That sucks, there's not much you can do besides get better.
by Shrackner July 08, 2011
A method for calculating the relative skill levels of players in two-player/two-team games.
Invented as improved rating system for chess, now used also in multiple computer games and some sports.
ELO in chess.

Grandmaster 2600 and up
Senior master 2400–2599
Master 2200–2399
Expert 2000–2199
Class A 1800–1999
Class B 1600–1799
Class C under 1600
by asddasasdhasfds August 29, 2011
a brittish greeting; abbreiviation for hello
i like the word "Keloggs" on the box, because in the middle of the word, is the Brittish greeting , "Elo, guvnor."
by heyello September 04, 2007
Extra Large Object, offensive term for somebody with large obesity.
Hello, ELO.
I wonder how would this ELO look as the angry dragon?
by marys54 August 21, 2008
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