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worst place available filled with more teenage drama than you can imagine & tons of drugs.
Hey, I live in that terrible town Ellwood City, Pa.
by BerChelleTon. August 26, 2008
Small city located an hour away from Pittsburgh. Licoln Jr./Sr. High school is where everyone goes from 7th grade to 12th grade. Has 3 elemantry schools, one that would make it for was recently shut down. Has one bar located closely to Ellport. And one bar around main street. Many resteraunts. Heavy Itilian population. Holy Redemer is a "private" school where there are uniforms and one nun teacher. Homes in nice places such as Ewing park, Walnut Drive, and Meadowridge Estates.
Person 1: This place is small
Person 2: Ya, but everyone helps each other out.
Person 1: True. The school district is better than Riverside
Person 2: See, Ellwood City, Pa is amazing
by Ellwood Expert 101 December 01, 2011
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