Ellies tend to be very creative, and they are often very funny in a sarcastic kinda way. An Ellie is usually very relaxed and chill, partly because she is a habitual stoner. She is very generous though, so she will probably share her weed with you! She is also an amazing artist.
She can hold grudges forver, so you should never offend an Ellie. If you do, she will probably give you the cold shoulder, and if you continue to disturb her peace she will become a total bitch. If you are nice to her, she will be an amazing loyal friend.
person 1: who is that girl in the art studio who always plays weird music?

person 2: oh that's Ellie. she's really chill

person 1: really? she always seemed kind bitchy to me

person 2: what are you talking about?! Ellie is amazing
by pseudonymmmme November 19, 2011
She may have a hard exterior but she's one of the most beautiful and wonderful people I know. If you ever have a chance to make her yours take it.
Ellie is one of my best friends
by cjoatkinson May 10, 2012
The funniest person out!!! she is soooo hilarious and loves to hi-5 people :)
OMG, that joke was such an Ellie joke, lets hi-5!
by ASHSgirl May 31, 2011
EVIL..... Cute , adorable and has her own language , and is very huggable
by nanana lover December 03, 2011
One of the best friends in the world. Sometimes, she can be very annoying, and she is crazy, but mostly lovable, and super nice to the people who are nice to her. They are pretty, with curly brown hair, and very tall and skinny. You could have long conversations with an Ellie.
"Oh my gosh, look at that girl's hair, she must be named Ellie"
by MaisyMoozles July 05, 2012
a girl that is nice and amazing c:
food,nice,amazing.ellie, dogs,
Ellie is a girl who is very sarcastic but has good comebacks she can be quite nasty when she wants to be but when she is happy she can be quite nice she is very good at makeup and dance she is quite a hyper friend only some people get her personality
Girl 1 : see that girl over there
Girl 2 : yeh , damn she is a ellie
by Ploperpoop October 26, 2013

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