Ellie is the kind of girl that will always be there for you, she's drop dead gorgeous, and she's funny, smart, cute, and sexy all at the same time. She's everything else you would ever want in a girlfriend. Basically, she's perfect.
Wow, I'm so glad I met Ellie, she's the best thing that ever happened to me!
by cas97 March 28, 2013
Often times "Ellie" is short for her real name. She is often times taller than her friends. Ellie's personality often sways and tends to seem like she has multiple. She is very shy when meeting new people but she is self-motivated and will warm up after awhile. She judges people upon first impressions to see if you would be good friends with her or not. Ellie is EXTREMELY accurate when it comes to this. It is hard to gain her trust but once your friends, she'll be loyal and will help you whenever you need it. She tends to drift off in thought at times. If you're lucky enough to be Ellie's friend she will be happy whenever you're around and will be open with you. Ellie is an EXTREMELY opinionated person and she'll HATE if you reject it right away or won't listen. She can be a bit bitchy and cold at times when she is annoyed, but she is a true leader in people's lives.
Person 1: "Why doesn't Ellie have any friends?"

Person 2: "She does! But she only has a small group of close friends like me."

Person 1: "Wow, your so lucky to have found an Ellie!"
by Hetalia is awesome April 28, 2012
A true friend who is always there for you no matter what. She is the most amazing person you will ever meet in your life. An Ellie can get annoying at times but will be there for you whenever you need her. She will stay with you for the rest of your life and will never leave you. An Ellie will be your best friend!
Go and find yourself an Ellie if you havent got one!
by chloeee x October 21, 2011
Shes Beautiful hot and super funny!!
Falls for people waay too easily
look ellies heartbroken again
by dois fkg January 11, 2011
The most amazing best friend anyone could ever ask for. She is always there for you even if you almost never get to see her. Shes tall and beautiful but sometimes doesnt see it for herself. She is AMAZING!
Ellie is my best friend!
by Maggie rh April 13, 2011
Ellies are
~ gorgeous (for real)
~ funny (she will keep you laughing all night)
~ generous (she can't say no)
~ fun (she starts the party and knows the perfect time to end it)
and she has the most amazing personality. its crazy how much you will fall in love with her, but be careful she's a heartbreaker...

p.s. she's great in bed if you can convince her to get in
I'm in love with this girl, Ellie
Careful, she will break your heart. Trust me, I know, it happened to me
by machine002 June 10, 2011
The most amazing person ever. She is so sexy, smart, and amazing at everything. She's also a great friend and caring. You will wish you were her because you'll envy her awesomeness. Also, she tends to be tall, blonde, and thin.
Ellie is so amazing
by Quinxxx December 29, 2011

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