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Ellie is the kind of girl that will always be there for you, she's drop dead gorgeous, and she's funny, smart, cute, and sexy all at the same time. She's everything else you would ever want in a girlfriend. Basically, she's perfect.
Wow, I'm so glad I met Ellie, she's the best thing that ever happened to me!
by cas97 March 28, 2013
an inspiring girl who i knew i'd get on with at first glance and then i fell for after meeting her properly for only one evening. she's 100% lovely and makes me really happy when i talk to her even though she lives so far away. i'm not even jealous that she told me she's falling for someone... it's just nice to be able to talk to her, and i love to know that she's happy. i just hope she at least likes me as a friend and we can continue our friendship, because i'd like her to stay in my life.
1 - I just wish there was someone i could talk to, tell everything to. I don't have anyone who even makes me happy when i talk to them...

2 - You know what you need, you need an Ellie! they're incredible!
by someone who falls too easily September 10, 2011
a very good friend
"Who's that ? "
"Yeah. She looks like a good friend."
"She is. She's an Ellie"
by ellie's loverx3 January 30, 2010
A sexy beast who is gorgeous and knows how to make everyone laugh with how slow she is. She loves music and when she finds a band she likes, they're her obsession. She Would never get addicted to drugs, as the only thing she could get addicted to ifsgreen tea! Everyone loves there ellie beause of how amazing she is. She loves meeting new people but can get shy and knows when she doesn't like somebody. She tends to like guys who have swishy hair and names start with the letter R, like Ryan, Roy, robert. Etc. She can do stupid things but everyone loves her!
Everyone loves their ellie!
by killjoyrawrz November 15, 2011
an epic person :) you love her very much.
is not at all sick minded :)
is very innocent :)
oozes sex appeal.
amazing in every way ;).... yes in that way too
damn. she must be an ellie
by graciewacey December 05, 2010
being kind and gentle to all, loving every living thing
that person is ellie to the homeless
by MEXICO!!! June 04, 2010
Ellie is the best friend anyone could ask for. She is amazing at listening and when you want it, she will abuse anyone, but if you want a non-biased answer, she will give you one. She is often really opinionated but normally, that's what makes her good to talk to. She can make anyone laugh absolutely loads. She's great fun, awesome company, absolutely stunning and completely insane. You can always have unbelievably funny inside jokes that mean nothing to anyone except for yourselves. When you become best friends, you will stay best friends through thick and thin even if you have the largest argument known to mankind. I am the luckiest human being alive to be best friends forever.
I don't know her name, but I can guess that that is totally an Ellie.
by migginscool96 August 18, 2011
a simple minded being, with a great bubbely personality.
and a great shag ;)!
-dude, no joke ellie was amazing last night
by Hellochickenpieeeee April 08, 2009