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Hick-town hole in the middle of nowhere.
"Where the heck are we? There's nothing for miles except some crazy hicks....... ohhh..... Ellensburg."
by Not so hick June 24, 2008
50 29
Short for Ellensburg, Washington. Has CWU, the bestest university ever. Also has a disproportionately large amount of burger joints and a middle school older than Grandpa Jack.
I just visited Ellensburg and the middle school caved in while I was there! I was so dumbfounded I spat out my tasty burger that I had gotten earlier at the burger joint across the street from CWU!
by Bobby Fro June 26, 2008
72 36
A tiny little desolate wasteland in the center of Washington with a few buildings spewed across the land. There's absolutely jack-shit to do there, except for smoke pot and go to college (which coincide with each other). Apart from a comic shop and a Taco Bell, there's not a whole lot actually worth going to. Plus the whole damn place smells like cow shit.
Ellensburg, Washington is the most desolate, smelly, boring place on the face of the earth, and yet, we all love it.
by themanwhoridesgoats April 16, 2012
8 11