she is a beatiful girl. she has a very strong personality and is known for her kindness and generous attitude.
she is cool.
usually has brown hair, and green eyes.
very popular and kind.
"i scream, you scream we all scream for ella ice cream"
by 12345678900qewe9r6 November 15, 2009
Top Definition
A very beautiful, nice and caring young lady. Loved by lots of people but hate for her looks. She is a great friend to all and forgives easily. She is very considerate and has a lot of empathy and never lies. Not a backstabber unless it's completely necessary, and stands by her friends until the very end. She has perfect smooth skin with nice chubby cheeks.
Oh look it's that Ella girl, eww *thinks; I'm actually really jealous of her*
by TruthSender July 10, 2008
E. Eyes like darkest gemstones, with
L. Luscious curly hair. A
L. Laugh as sweet as birdsong, and an
A. Amazing sense of humor.

Oh Ella.
A fairly accurate description of Ella I feel.
by Emileela December 01, 2005
A word use to define a very beautiful women.
Friend Wow who is she...

Josh- I think she ella
by lord lucas November 25, 2006
n. The epitome of all that is wonderful.
adj. a style that involves combining strange items, e.g., wearing dogtags, a tiara, knee-high purple boots, and large sunglasses all at the same time.
v. To dance around madly and uncontollably, often while singing loudly and off-key, associated with eating too much sugar and/or chocolate.
n. That girl is a total ella.
adj. Wow, that skirt is so ella!
v. The girl was ellaing in the middle of the common room and scaring quite a few people.
by SketchyLisa September 27, 2005
a girl who is very sensitive. she holds onto her friends, and she is scared to show her feelings. sometimes she does not know how to handle things, so she blames it on other people. then after a while, she sees their point of view makes more sense. she can be sometimes hard to read. when she says that she likes someone, she means it. she says she's never loved someone, but you can never be sure. she can listen to you for hours, and shes very good at giving advice. when her friends need help they always come to her. ella is a very complex person who loves and cares deeply. and a lot can bring her down, you just have to keep her up. ella's amazing. show her that you care.
she's acting a lot like Ella right now.
by lalalaman. October 03, 2010
ella is gr8 and hilarious and reli nice. she is pretty and NOT fat she is fantastic and and reli fun 2 be wif she is amazing and smarter than lucy!
that girl is fab she must be ella!
by lluuccyy June 16, 2009
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