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A rude or manipulative woman who projects a facade of refinement.
That elizabitch stabbed me in the back.

Dr. Flannagan is a real elizabitch.
by Thim March 08, 2006
A female, usually a teen girl, who is, well, a bitch. Used mainly with girls named Elizabeth, because it makes it more personal. An Elizabitch is rude, manipulative, and njoys drama. She may be attractive in appearance, but is ugly on the inside. Don't trusr an Elizabitch.disclaimer: not all Elizabeths are Elizabitches
Elizabeth sure has turned into an Elizabitch, don't you think?
by telephone.mountain March 12, 2015
A way of calling any woman named either Elizabeth, Liz, or Beth a bitch
Elizabeth Cornell is now known as Elizabitch Cornell
by ThotBuster February 07, 2015
When a woman is a complete cunt
"Holy fuck, Brittany is being the biggest elizabitch"
by Jouchi January 12, 2015
Exchanges sex for Yu-Gi-Oh cards
Tim: Can I get some anal action for a mucus yolk and a few trap cards?
Elizabitch: (spreads asscheeks)
by Brainsonmydick June 05, 2014
An Elizabethan whore.
She might seem refined in her old-fashioned dress, but in reality she's nothing but an Elizabitch.
by Phixes February 09, 2005
Name to call an intelligence challenged girl named Elizabeth, Lizbeth, Liz, Beth, Bethany, or Eliza if she is a bitch.
That girl from Ohio is such an elizabitch!
by fordham_friday September 07, 2011
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