she is a really good friend whos always there for you no matter what. she''s sexy and seductive and is alot of fun to be around. but watch out, she is known to be a BITCH. shes hard to trust because she usualy goes and bitches about you behind your back. but then again shes very manipulative and you feel like you can tell her anything. shes a good girl on the outside but on the inside shes actually a real bad girl. she says she love to go to long romantic walks along the beach on first dates. but after that she just gets down and dirty. shes a crazy girl, but very deceiving. watch out, elizas on the look out!
sorry, im just being an eliza..
by ilovechoccie123 July 06, 2010
Top Definition
the hottest girl in the entire world who when u see her, u just wanna jump on her and kiss her. shes pretty, gorgeous, romantic, sweet, hot, funny, PERFECT.
Did you see Eliza at the party? I just wanted to kiss her.
by justinnn123 February 22, 2008
extremely kind and compassionate person who is a great girl friend and cares about other people. likes guys and she is extremely good looking with lusious lips and a nice booty (if any one cares to look)(u know u want to)
sweet and cute
eliza good samaratin
by shizammm November 13, 2006
the most amazing girl in the whole world you will never find any one else like her so never give her up and always let her know you love her. she is smart, funny, hot, sexy, weird, nice, everything some one would ever want. and a futer immortal
eliza is to never die
by tommy davis 2 February 05, 2010
one who circulates the room without reason.
"that party was full of elizas"
by Ianland January 07, 2008
The most amazing girl you could have in your life, so sweet, so beautiful and so perfect, no other girl can be like her, just the way she smiles and the way she looks, couldn't be any better, most definitely the most gorgeous girl on earth

really captivating as well :)
WOW, is that Eliza?

She is beautiful
by genie10054 April 10, 2011
Eliza is weird, adventurous, and has that odd quality that makes her mysterious and sexy. She is normally not what she seems on the outside. She is strong and sweet and amazing. She may not be the perfect definition of pretty, but her look is unique and beautiful. If you are EVER fortunate enough to have an Eliza by your side, accept her flaws and love her oddities. If you are ever fortunate enough to have an Eliza by your side, never let her go, because you will never meet someone like her again.
Wow. That's Eliza.
by YouCantDefineMe November 14, 2013
not the hottest girl ever but elegant and sexy and really uniqely beutiful, trustworthy and loves better than any1 you will ever meet :) but she also hates better than everyone too and she will protect you from anyonewho does you wrong and she will make you laygh and earn your trudst quicker than you'll even notice, and onece she trustd you she will deoend on you to keepp her safe and be there and dont push ehr away if she needs to be upsetbecause sh e doesnt trust everybody so when she trusts you you're special. dont ever let her go
eliza will love you best
by sweetiepie<32116 October 14, 2013
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