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An amazing person with an adventurous soul. They love to explore, see new things and learn something new. They LOVE being different and hate being similar to people in any way. They are incredibly social and have many friends but knows who they're close freinds are.They have amazing personalities that naturally attract people and make them want to get to know them.
They're incredible to be around because they're so funny and witty. They're also very beautiful, but don't know it. Many guys want to date them but always fear that they're already taken.
They absoloutely LOVE fairytales and happy endings. They can't live without music and are very gentle souls.
Everyone wants to befriend an Eliyana but only few lucky ones can.
"Did you see his new girlfriend? If I didn't know any better, i'd say he scored big and got an Eliyana."

"Her best friend's an Eliyana, she's sooo lucky!!"

"I've always wanted to date an Eliyana."
by Eli.H. October 03, 2011
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