The kid that is so cool for no reason at all, but not conventionally, thinks for himself and eats charston chews. He is also nice to everyone.
VLAD:"Oh yeah did you see that kid is is totally an elishua"
Jose Quervo: "Oh i know that is so cool i wish more people could be an elishua."
by eli kurtz January 20, 2008
Top Definition
The coolest girl you will ever meet. She has fantastic curly hair, which is a mild jew fro. She awesome and has the best retorts to smug ridiculous boys. She will also yell at you if you suddenly develop a Friends With Benefits relationship, she will yell at you because she doesn't want you to get hurt.
Guy #1: Who was that girl?
Guy #2: I dunno man, but she was a total Elishua.
-wistful sighs-
by mickybishop May 17, 2010
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