sexual touching between two men, who use dildos in their ani.
man 1: ughh me and adoni did the elina last night.
man 2; lucky. i want a dildo in my ani.
by Devon and Ani November 17, 2007
Top Definition
A girl's name that is often given to girls who show great artistic ability and beauty. Also a great friend who often likes to be alone or secluded from others.
hey whose your best friend?
Elina shes awesome and great at drawing stuff for me
thats cool
yeah but she kind of likes to be alone sometimes
by NAXX January 25, 2008
Elina is a honest friend. She will not lie to you although that might be the good thing to do. Elina is unique in humor and behavior. She might seem weird but she's just original. She has a great eye for inside beauty. Many will try to copy her ways and be like her but never quite will. She might not be pretty at first sight but will strangely grow in beauty as you get to know her. She has many talents and will draw a lot of attention but she will only befriend those who deserve her friendship. Elina knows the definition of life and will try her best to reach her goal. She's artistic, beautiful, funny, nice, and truthful. She's one of a kind.
Person 1: Did you meet Elina?
Person 2: Yeah, I did. She seemed interesting.
Person 1: She has character though.
Person 2: Yeah, she's different.
Person 1: I like that about her.
Person 2: Yeah, me too.
by jasonmenta3311 June 18, 2011
A girl who might not "fit in" with others but has the most unique and original personality. She won't become something she's not. She may not be pretty or popular but her friendship should be prized. She also has a great talent in music and art.
Person One: Hey, did you meet Elina today?
Person Two: Yeah, she was weird.
Person One: I liked her.
Person Two: Yeah, me too. I want to be her friend.
by micky2234 May 08, 2011
in hindi, this name means wise. This is not a common name, but it is not an extravagant one. Usually Elina is someone who is smart, kind, and very compassionate. She puts her heart and soul into everything she does, and there is never anything done subpar. She is often smarter than others her age, and as a result is sometimes confused why others can't understand her. She tends to have an interest in sports, but likes to be girly at times as well. Guys talk to her a lot, but they are scared to show their feelings for her since she is such a strong, independent person. If you meet an elina, don't let her go. She will always care for you and she is a perfect friend to have since she is dedicated to everything she does. Elina tends to be very social, and everyone knows who she is.
"Hey I met this girl named Elina yesterday at the soccer game! Do you know her?"
"Yeah! Everyone knows Elina! She goes to all of the games! We are really good friends, but I want to be more than just friends."
"You should go for it then. What's the hesitation?"
"I'm scared she will say no, man. She is different than other girls. She doesn't need a boyfriend to be happy. Plus, there are so many other guys that like her. She wouldn't pick me."
"Then just be her friend. She sounds pretty awesome."
"She is, dude."
by thelovelyoneinsevenbillion January 26, 2014
A really cool Greek author who may seem quiet at first but is a loyal friend.
That is Elina....

by tallpenwriter November 08, 2010
Usually a name given to things that have little or no beauty. Elinas are not very loyal and are not nice. Elinas often think they are cool and better than everyone else, they think they're superior to everyone. (They really are not!!) they often times try to make others jealous. They copy your ideas and take claim to them. Elinas are ugly in one way or another their faces sometimes may look okay ish but they are rude.
Hey Elina can you pass me the glue?
Elina: no fuck off you tramp

"Hey have you seen Elina?"
"Ya she's so rude and her face is just so.. Ugh! No!"
by Eyebrows101 August 27, 2014
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