A sexy motherfucker that suceeds in life, usually moves out into a mansion with a Bugatti at the average age of twenty years old.
Elias is life
Elias has money
by African Melon February 17, 2015
Elias is a very good friend of god. Elias has an enormus dick.

Elias is very good at sports specially at basketball. Elias has alot of friends.
Elías has a big dick
by TMF69 April 06, 2015
Loves video games more than his girlfriend
That is like so elias
by girl gone cat April 09, 2015
1. knowledgeable in a wide variety of fields, especially language 2. to desire another's wife
1. He is really an elias and can offer you a long lesson on at least seven languages. 2. His elias for Mrs. Tiefenthaler is actually quite humorous.
by mn4life May 03, 2006
Gay little jew from Finland. Blond and loves math.
Elias Øverland
by 20mame00 March 04, 2015
The whitest and most scary looking kid on the block.
Friend: Ah!
Me: What?
Friend: Elias!

Me: Elias! Where are you I lost you
Elias: I just closed my eyes
by AlmondB28 March 27, 2014
A boy with an eggshaped head who likes to kick people in their face
In 5th grade Elias kicked me in the face while i was reading under the table.
by faggpot August 17, 2013

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